The people who make us Boundless

From the many corners of North America, to Europe and beyond, we’re hard at work helping our clients get the most of our their location data. Our co-workers are some of the most passionate and dedicated people around who are not just our colleagues, but also our extended family – complete with an interesting cousin or two. Egos here are humbly checked at the door and every voice counts. Learn more about the people who make us truly Boundless.

Our team


Andy Dearing

Andy is the CEO of Boundless and previously held the role of the Vice President of Professional Services. A commercial pilot and self-taught geographer, Andy has been working with GIS for nearly 15 years. He can often be found working from one of our many locales, or representing the Boundless brand at a number of industry events and philanthropic endeavors throughout the year. Andy resides in Missouri with his wife and four kids, where he enjoys hiking, fishing, and woodworking — when is he is not out camping with his son’s Boy Scout troop.

VP of Product & Chief Evangelist

Anthony Calamito

Anthony serves as the VP of Product & Chief Evangelist for Boundless and is responsible for product strategy and outreach, educational initiatives, and our ongoing commitment to the open source community. Anthony is a steering committee member at LocationTech, and and a Fellow of the American Geographical Society. His commitment to geography education and community outreach extends beyond Boundless — he is also an adjunct instructor at George Mason University.

Director, U.S. Federal Programs

Brian Monheiser

As Director of U.S. Federal Programs, Brian is responsible for advising and consulting on all aspects of Boundless technology within the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and Federal Civilian (FedCiv) relative to Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT).  He has 18+ years of experience supporting a number of large projects, programs, and applications using geospatial technology within the DoD and IC. He consults on the implementation of technologies, evaluates workflows, recommends improvements to the GEOINT tradecraft, hosts technical exchange meetings, supports the resolution of technical issues, and supports the development of customized training workshops.

He earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Legal Studies from the University of Maryland University College in Adelphi, Maryland. He’s also the Chapter President for the Midwest Chapter of Military Open Source Software (MilOSS), and active supporter/contributor as a Fellow to The American Geographical (AGS). A native of Colorado, Brian honorably served as a Geospatial Intelligence Analyst in United States Marine Corps from 1998-2002. He’s a proud father and golf addict that calls Illinois home.


Brody Stout

Brody’s extensive experience in finance and operations management with high growth technology and start-up companies is instrumental in the planning and execution of our immediate and long-term strategies here at Boundless. Previously, he held the position of COO and CFO at CitizenHawk, a venture-backed brand protection firm. Brody also spent 10 years as a venture capital investor and board member in growth-stage companies with a focus on the technology, media, telecom and consumer services industries.

Director - Commercial Sales (Int'l)

Dave Gibbon

Dave brings to Boundless 20+ years of experience in establishing and driving growth within new product / organization settings, particularly enterprise software technology solutions targeted towards engineering & scientific workflows.  At Boundless, his remit includes the growth of our commercial and international business, along with the development of our technology partnership business relationships. Based out of Vancouver, Dave has a BSc. in geophysics from Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) which is now gathering a lot of dust.

VP Product & Engineering

David Hemphill

As VP of Product and Engineering, David is responsible for software development across Boundless’ product teams. His background in web and mobile technology spans over 20 years, with specializations in geospatial programming, software-as-a-service architectures, and big data analytics.

David has supported a number of federal programs in the Department of Defense and Intelligence communities. In 2010, he received the Industry Achievement Award from the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) for successfully transitioning a research effort into a commercial product while fielding to multiple agencies. David is co-author of J2ME, Java in Small Things (Manning Publications) and has published dozens of articles in technical journals. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin.


Tom Ingold

Prior to his role as CTO, Tom served as the VP of Engineering at Boundless. Tom joined Boundless from Booz Allen where he was developing OGC services and architectures in the defense and intel markets. Tom has experience in agile systems and building GIS systems in production environments. He has a BA in Natural Sciences from Harvard and a postgrad certificate from Penn State in GIS.

VP Professional Services

Zach Rouse

Zach has over 8 years experience delivering geospatial solutions for Defense, Oceanographic, and Emergency Management communities using the OpenGeo suite. He manages the execution of our Professional Services projects and enjoys using OGC services in new and creative ways.

Commercial Solutions Architect

Aaron Miller

Aaron has 15+ years of experience in GIS, with 10 years in the emergency services industry focused on the design and implementation of high availability & life critical systems, for which he was awarded a U.S. Patent.

Software Engineer

Aaryn Olsson

Aaryn has over 17 years of geospatial analysis and a lifetime of programming experience in a variety of domains, including natural resources, geospatial intelligence, and health analytics. His graduate and postdoctoral research utilized multispectral satellite imagery and time-series analysis to identify temporal profiles characteristic of invasive plant species, a topic he has published a number of peer-reviewed journals on.

In two years at NGA he helped develop a web-deployed application to stream imagery via JPIP and integrate various custom and OGC-compliant web services to facilitate and co-led development on a large-scale data integration project involving Storm, Kafka, elasticsearch, and Titan. Aaryn has 30 years of programming experience, going back to BASIC, and boasts close to 20 years writing Java. Aaryn lives in Tucson, AZ, and tries to spend as much time as possible exploring wild places with his wife, three boys, and two dogs. He loves to run trails, identify creatures his boys find, and travel.

Software Engineer

Alex Goudine

Alex is a recent graduate from University of Victoria, with a combined degree in Computer Science and Geography with a concentration in Geomatics. He enjoys programming in Java and Python and is part of the Boundless Suite and GeoGig teams. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, ultimate frisbee and skiing.

Desktop Product Manager

Alison Drain

Alison is passionate about making GIS simpler and user-focused. Her roots are in using Desktop GIS and if she can make one person’s life a little easier, she’s done her job. And in her next life, she’s playing more tennis.



Andreas Hocevar

Andreas is an accomplished open source developer; he is an active steering committee member for both OpenLayers and GeoExt . He has been working in geospatial for almost 20 years, and is a frequent teacher and speaker.

Director of Marketing

Anne Ellegood

Anne came to Boundless in August, 2016 with over 10+ years of experience in marketing and advertising communications for CPG and B2B organizations, including those in the technology space. Prior to her time at Boundless, Anne worked as a brand strategist and change agent consultant to several startups and as the Marketing Director of a 20+ year-old technology solutions company. Anne hails from Missouri and put her interests in mapping technology to use beyond Boundless hiking, metal detecting and exploring charted (and uncharted) terrain when she travels.

Software Engineer

Bart van den Eijnden

Bart works on OpenLayers 3 and GeoExt. Bart has a strong interest in the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Bart is also part of the project steering committee (PSC) of GeoExt and OpenLayers.

Sr. Project Manager

Bernice Colyandro

Bernice has a strong background in leading all aspects of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process.  She has extensive customer service, web development, system administration, and Portal for ArcGIS experience. Bernice spent 8 years working at Esri as a Technical Analyst supporting a range of customers in Professional Services and is accustomed to managing time sensitive needs on mission critical systems in high paced environments.

Community Support Manager

Betsy Emmons

Betsy has a degree in GIS and Spatial Analysis and has been an avid member of the open source geospatial community for several years. She creates user tutorials for working with open source software, and particularly enjoys supporting others in solving spatial problems.

DevOps Engineer

Christian Del Pino

Chris has worked with a variety of systems for over 17 years, with the last 10 administering Linux systems. He has worked for Castrol, which was later acquired by BP, and Cmed, a company the helped leading pharmaceutical companies with their clinical trials. His interests are working with various open source technologies.

Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer

Cindi Adams

Cindi is a Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer with over 10 years of software development quality and testing in multiple business applications and models. She is excited to be a part of the Boundless adventure in GIS and Open Source development and improving the user experience and satisfaction through best practices, efficient testing and analytics.

Exchange Product Manager

Clarence Davis

Clarence is our Exchange Product Manager and has over 10 years of experience designing and building software systems for the defense, finance, hospitality, and economic development industries.  Prior to joining Boundless, Clarence led SOA adoption and governance initiatives, and has been a speaker at Mil-OSS, Oceans, and C4ISR conferences where he spoke on topics ranging from Enterprise Identity Orchestration to Spatial Contextual Awareness. More recently Clarence led the design and implementation of a commercially available web application built on Geoserver and Openlayers which aggregates data from a dozen sources within the federal government to support site selection decisions within the US.

Clarence graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BS in Management Information Systems. Clarence believes in giving back to the community and is an active member of a local community organization focused on youth outreach. When Clarence isn’t working, he and his wife enjoy “being a tourist in your own city” and attending performing arts events.

PS Engineer

Daniel Berry

Daniel is a certified GISP, with over 15 years of geospatial experience in the Defense and Intelligence communities. He is passionate about integrating open source geospatial software into existing Defense programs.

Web Developer

David Vick

David has nearly 20 years of experience developing software solutions for the DOD and IC communities. David has spent a large part of his career supporting the Aeronautical division of NGA where he has put his knowledge of the Aeronautical domain to use pioneering solutions for Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) and developing geospatial solutions for NGA and it’s customers.

Desktop Specialist

Dustin Turpin

Dustin is a GEO enthusiast with interests in data analytics, visualization, community development, software, and hardware development. Outside of maps, he enjoys exploring by hiking or cycling. Dustin is currently advancing on his GIS education path and is involved with the GIS community; attending GIS users group meetings, maptime meetups, and contributing to OSM.

Software Engineer

Erik Merkle

Erik has over 18 years experience developing software for a variety of industries from Telecommunications to Defense, even dabbling in the Banking and Social Media industries. He’s a Java enthusiast that loves to explain problem solutions a much as he loves to find and develop them.

Front End Engineer

Frank Rowe

Frank is a Front End Engineer on the Mobile team at Boundless and has worked in the open source GIS field for over five years developing web and mobile products for a variety of commercial and government clients. He is interested in developing new and innovative user interfaces, utilizing open source tools, and working on mobile platforms.

Software Developer

Gabriel Roldan

Gabriel is a Software Developer advocated to Free and Open Source GIS since 1997. Contributor to GeoTools, GeoServer and GeoWebcache since 2003, technical lead for GeoGig, and OSGeo charter member since 2011.

Born and raised in Rosario, Argentina. Lived in Spain where helped local government agencies migrate from proprietary GIS solutions to Free Software. Joined Boundless (formerly OpenGeo) in 2008.

Boundless Desktop Quality Analyst

Giovanni Manghi

Giovanni is a wildlife biologist (graduated at University of Èvora, Portugal) turned into GIS specialist. He has more than 10 years of experience in FOSS GIS, especially -but not limited to- QGIS. He is an active part of the QGIS community since 2009 as the maintainer of the QGIS bug tracker/queue and the unofficial QGIS main tester. He is skilled in (Q)GIS training, installation and configuration of Linux server together with the Open Source GIS stack and at times he contributes with small patches to the QGIS Processing toolbox. Giovanni is Italian (originally from Parma), but he lives and works together with his wife Vânia and their son, in rural south Portugal. He’s also a die hard Baltimore Orioles fan.

Software Developer & Designer

Glynnis Ritchie

Glynnis is a software developer and designer with more than five years’ experience building and designing complex data-rich applications for the web. She is especially passionate about user experience and the areas where the technical and visual overlap, and feels at home occupying the gray area between design and development.

Director of Sales for State and Local Government

Ian Isaacs

Ian is the Director of Sales for State and Local Government. Ian has worked extensively in the GIS field in Canada, Ghana and here in the USA. Ian has experience both in GIS field and office operations, GIS Project and Product Management in addition to customer engagement and support.

PS Engineer

Ian Tangert

Ian has implemented open source software solutions for a variety of commercial, private, and government entities on projects related to the environment, business, transportation, and law enforcement. Ian’s interests also include cartography and cultural geography.

Sr. Project Manager

Jeremy Bixby

Jeremy brings both technical and project management expertise to his role at Boundless, having spent over 15 years working with geospatial and enterprise technologies. Jeremy has delivered successful solutions for a range of customers, everything from web and mobile to enterprise and cloud. He is passionate about project delivery, and strives to make every project a success.

Community Lead

Jody Garnett

Jody looks after our open source projects as a community lead here at Boundless. As a member of the engineering team he provides technical leadership and develops Boundless’ training program. He is a member of the Project Steering Committee for GeoServer and GeoTools. Jody is a board member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, and on the steering committee for LocationTech.

Sr. Technical Architect

Jon Hankes

Jon began his career in the Navy and has been involved in the DoD and Intelligence communities for over fifteen years. While working with NGA over the past eight years, he helped develop imagery analysis and feature services using OGC standards with open source geospatial software.

PS Engineer

Joseph Miller

Joe has over twenty years experience as geospatial and remote sensing architect, developer, and analyst.  His domain focus areas include healthcare, transportation and logistics, energy, and the life sciences.

Systems Architect

Josh Fix

Josh is a software engineer with 20+ years of experience in the IT and engineering fields supporting many large civilian and government organizations around the world.  For the past 10 years, he has focused on geospatial web services and applications for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.  Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and is a combat veteran of the United States Air Force.

Account Manager

Kalen Furrer

Kalen is an Account Manager focused on Defense/Intelligence/FedCiv clients.  She has a strong background in project management of large global multi-tiered projects and end-to-end systems implementation.  Kalen spent ten years at the world’s largest professional services firm and has extensive experience supporting clients with solving complex business issues.

Financial Controller

Kathy Hoang

Kathy is the Financial Controller, responsible for preparing the financial reports and analysis for Boundless. She is an Australian CPA with 15 years of experience across Melbourne, London, New York, and now, the Bay Area. Kathy has extensive knowledge of accounting for professional services firms having worked at Australia’s largest consumer law firm, as well as having been the Project Accountant for Australia’s leading energy provider.

Project Manager

Kelly Husted

Kelly is a Project Manager focusing on our Federal Clients. She has extensive experience in Program and Project Management, with over seven years of experience working as a Management Consultant on large multi-million dollar Department of Defense IT Programs. Her expertise ranges from Client Delivery and Process to Communications and Change Management. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and a Certified ITILv3 professional.

Software Engineer

Kevin Smith

Kevin is the project lead for GeoWebCache and a member of the GeoServer Project Steering Committee. In his free time he applies his background in computer science and GIS to making maps of fantasy worlds.

QGIS Developer

Luigi Pirelli

Luigi is a QGIS Developer here at Boundless. Prior, he worked fifteen years in Satellite Ground Segment and Direct Ingestion for the European Space Agency. Since 2006, Luigi has been involved in GFOSS world contributing in QGIS, GRASS and Mapserver core. He also actively participates in QGIS Hackmeetings and community.
Founder of the OSGEO Italian Local Chapter GFOSS, Luigi now lives in Spain where he contributes in the gfoss community.
Luigi is also founder the local hackerspace group, focused on Open Hardware.

Software Engineer

Marc Cenac

Marc has developed mission-critical enterprise software in secured environments for clients in the banking and defense industries.  His experience ranges from GIS, to big data processing, to Android development, and various DevOps technologies.

Education Program Director

Mike Pumphrey

Mike leads the training department at Boundless, which provides professional development to both novice and experienced users on all software in the Boundless ecosystem. He is passionate about “translating computer into human”, believing that software can only be great when it is understood by all. In this capacity, has also worked in both support and documentation roles, all in the pursuit of being an advocate for all users, not just the experts. Mike lives in Oregon in the United States.

Director of U.S. Federal Civilian Programs

Monty Kickert

As Director of U.S. Federal Civilian Programs, Monty is responsible for implementation of all aspects of Boundless technology within national government agencies.  He has over 15 years of experience managing teams and supporting enterprise IT and geospatial government programs.  Monty has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Maryland, where he also played varsity baseball.  He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.

Boundless Suite Engineering Manager

Quinn Scripter

Quinn is a web application developer who has expertise in several areas of software and hardware engineering. He is passionate about creating fast, intuitive user interfaces and loves to tinker with new technology. While attending MIT, Quinn created a web application to geolocate a laptop using nearby Wifi access points and has been interested in spatially enabled software ever since. When not writing software, Quinn can be found attending sporting events all over the world or attempting to brew the perfect Munich style Helles.

PS Engineer

Reggie Beckwith

Reggie Beckwith has over 12 years experience developing software for the DoD / IC community. As a holder of a pilot’s license, Reggie often leverages knowledge of aeronautical navigation and procedures against programming efforts.

Sr. Systems Architect

Richard Crissup

Richard is a Senior Systems Architect with 15 years experience in Geospatial Technologies. As a Python developer he has a passion for finding simple elegant solutions to complicated problems. His primary focus has been for the Federal Government where Richard has been able to work on and develop large enterprise GIS systems bringing amazing gains in productivity and cost savings. He graduated from Western State College, Gunnison Colorado in 2001 with honors and has a B.A. in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Science. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, backpacking and cooking with family and friends.

Software Developer

Sara Safavi

Sara is a software developer and certified GISP with experience in web and geospatial development. She is especially interested in developing custom GIS solutions that integrate open source software into existing workflows. Throughout Sara’s career, she has worked for a variety of commercial, private and government entities. Sara is also a frequent speaker and teacher in the Python & geospatial tech communities.

Sr. Technical Manager

Soumya Sengupta

Soumya has 15 years experience in developing solutions in a variety of industries including aviation, emergency management and life sciences. His interests lie in geospatial software and standards and software development processes.

Sr. Technical Writer

Stacey Berry

Stacey is a Sr. Technical Writer with over 15 years of experience in intelligence, training and technical writing for the Department of Defense. She has also worked as a systems analyst, providing testing and requirements for a major DoD intelligence system. She’s a former counter intelligence/counter terrorism analyst who worked special missions on three continents, and is excited to see open source products readily available to assist DoD analysts on their missions.

Solutions Architect

Steve Stout

Steve has over 18 years of experience in GIS and GEOINT, providing implementation, support, and training to various customers; with a special focus on the Defense and Intelligence Communities. He is skilled in the installation and configuration of enterprise GIS systems in both open and secure environments.  

Steve has provided embedded support to forward-deployed combat sites, making for some very interesting times. In addition, he enjoys coding in Python to help automate tasks he has to do, as well as helping users to automate their work using Python. Steve graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a M.S. in Geographic Information Science and from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Geographic Information Systems.

Community Support Manager

Torben Barsballe

Tobrn is a software developer at Boundless, primarily involved with Boundless Suite and a committer on both the GeoTools and GeoServer projects.

Software Engineer

Wes Richardet

Wes is a software engineer who focuses mostly on mobile products. He has 10 years experience working in geospatial software development. He also has a strong interest in data analysis and visualization.

Web Developer

Yancy Matherne

Yancy enjoys developing solutions to geospatial problems using OpenLayers and GeoServer. Whether it’s designing backend APIs or fixing frontend views, he is comfortable in all layers of the application stack.