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TriMet & Boundless – Open Source Overhaul

An OpenSource Overhaul

The Situation

With millions of trips every year, Portland’s TriMet is an award-winning transit system with a forward-thinking approach to technology. When TriMet set out to overhaul their Interactive System Map and integrate it with their existing Trip Planner, they wanted to switch out proprietary components for open source alternatives.

The TriMet team carried out a prototype project, building a working system based on open source components: GeoServer, OpenLayers and PostGIS. Based on the experience with the prototype, TriMet moved to build a production system, and it wasn’t long before they had a beta application ready. However, now that it was time to move into production, a new question arose: who would provide support for the open source software (GeoServer, OpenLayers, PostGIS) underlying the new system?

TriMet needed a support partner, one who would build reliable, extensible technology while providing world-class support for all the components of the new Trip Planner. Boundless was a perfect fit: the organization had the stability and skills to support TriMet in the long term and the GeoServer Enterprise support contract provided guaranteed access to experts in the software.

“GeoServer Enterprise offered us the flexible and comprehensive support we were looking for: expertise and knowledge transfer from core developers; feature development that’s incorporated into the source code; unlimited priority bug fixes…

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