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Rapid Open Geospatial User-Driven Enterprise

Rapid Open Geospatial User-Driven Enterprise (ROGUE)

The Situation

Before the acquisition of LMN Solution by Noblis, Boundless and LMN Solutions joined together to contribute to the ROGUE (Rapid Open Geospatial User-Driven Enterprise Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD). This demonstration was a two-year project that enabled organizations to collaboratively develop, update and distribute geographic data using open source software and standards. The technical manager for the JCTD is the US Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center.

By integrating the ROGUE capabilities with the Pacific Disaster Center’s DisasterAWARE platform and the Department of State Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU), the DoD and mission partners were able to collaborate using dynamic mapping data when supporting humanitarian and disaster response efforts. The mission of ROGUE was to enable collaboration on development of geographic information by multiple organizations. The capabilities being delivered addressed some of the core challenges in the geospatial community at that time and still today – disconnected editing, provenance of data, and collaborative development of geographic information…

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