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NYC DoITT Success Using Boundless Geospatial Products

Support for a new web mapping architecture

NYC DoITT Success With GeoServer

The Situation

“ArcGIS Server did not function properly on our UNIX environment so we continued our search. We came upon GeoServer as we expanded our search to open source.” Colin Reilly, DOITT

The New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) oversees the City’s use of existing and emerging technologies in government operations, and its delivery of services to the public. Within DoITT, Citywide GIS provides enterprise-wide support for geospatial applications — developing and hosting a digital map and geo-referenced data along with associated tools and applications.

The DoITT designed a new web mapping architecture, that would overlay vector information on top of cached map tiles. By sharing the tiles among applications, but allowing different overlays, the architecture could be used by multiple agencies, yet retain a consistent look and feel and be centrally maintained…

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