Location-based insights to enable decision-making, improve government efficiency, and provide better service

Boundless for State and Local Governments
Entities within both state and local governments make decisions that directly affect residents and visitors. From statewide applications like public health and permitting activities to local concerns such as pothole repair and property taxation, mapping applications are used daily to analyze and interpret GIS data to enable these critical decisions.

In our highly mobile society, the population and landscape of cities and towns can change dramatically in relatively short periods of time. Systems and services that met the needs of a population 10 or 20 years ago may be woefully inadequate or unwieldy today. To adapt to these changes and offer the level of service people have come to expect in their day-to-day lives, state and local governments must embrace modern GIS technology for a variety of essential applications.

Boundless provides the flexibility and interoperability required to serve current needs and innovate for the future. Built on open-source technology, Boundless solutions allow jurisdictions to meet the multiple demands of modern technology and public accountability.

Use Cases

Boundless Streets

Streets and transportation

Collect and interpret data about road conditions, traffic, and other public safety concerns

Boundless Public Health

Public Health

Understand environmental quality, walkability, outbreaks of illness, and other factors that impact decisions and resource allocation

Land administration and assessment

Leverage large amounts of data related to property, valuation, assessment and other tasks

Utilities and public works

Maintain comprehensive records of essential utility networks such as those for electricity, water, or sewer while improving services to residents

Natural resources

Managing parks and other public land for the benefit of residents and tourists


Administration of permitting activities for camping, hunting, boating, off road vehicles and other applications