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QGIS is a cross-platform desktop application for viewing, editing,Qgis icon and analyzing geospatial data from a variety of vector, raster, and database formats.
  • Viewing of vector and raster data from different formats, including PostGIS, Esri Shapefiles, OGC services, and more
  • Interactive exploration of spatial data, including on-the-fly re-projection
  • Create, edit, and export spatial data
  • Perform spatial analysis, including map algebra, terrain
    analysis, network analysis, and more
  • Publish maps to the internet using Boundless Suite
  • Adapt QGIS to your needs with the extensive plugin library


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Terrain View


Editing View


Editing View


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Managing View

Configure Boundless Suite from the desktop

Our plugin provides a powerful interface for desktop GIS analysts wanting to configure Boundless Suite from the desktop. The plugin provides greater integration between QGIS and components such as PostGIS and GeoServer, facilitating the management and analysis of spatial data, deployment of web services, and development of web applications using Boundless Suite. This meets the needs of experienced GIS analysts and the growing number of developers for whom GIS is one part of a larger Spatial IT challenge.

Build Web Apps with QGIS.