Spatial and Geographic Objects For PostgreSQL

PostGIS stores and queries for information about location and mapping and provides spatial objects (geometry, geography, and raster as well as others) for the PostgreSQL object-relational database. It also adds functions, operators, and index enhancements to these spatial types that augment the power of the core PostgreSQL DBMS, making it a fast, feature-rich, and robust spatial database management system.

  • Support for common and advanced spatial operations such as geometry
    PostGIS Opengeo Boundless Suitecreation and conversion, reprojection, buffer, convex hull, generalization, union, and more
  • Rendering and importing vector data formats such as Shapefiles, KML, GML, GeoJSON, GeoHash and WKT using SQL
  • Rendering and importing raster data formats such as GeoTIFF, PNG, JPG, NetCDF, etc.
  • Geodetic support for measurements across the globe/dateline
  • 3D object support, spatial index, and functions
  • Network topology support
  • Command-line and graphical tools for flexible management

Open Source, Open Standards

PostGIS is open source software, released under the GNU General Public License, that implements the Open Geospatial Consortium’s “Simple Features for SQL Specification”. PostGIS also works well as a data source for GeoServer, which provides services like WMS,WFS, WCS, and WPS.