Boundless Offline Tile Server

Lightweight, portable offline maps enable access to geospatial data in remote or restricted areas

Some of the most challenging job environments are found in disconnected, remote or inhospitable locations – yet also require access to current, precise geospatial information. Boundless Offline Tile Server™ delivers rapid access to basemaps around the world, down to street and building level, to professionals who must conduct field operations in areas where they can’t rely on internet connectivity.

Boundless Offline Tile Server meets these challenges for military field operations, disaster response, natural resource exploration and surveying, coastal and border monitoring, security operations, intelligence briefings, utilities, humanitarian missions, and any environment that requires a fast, portable, and sometimes disconnected basemap – anywhere on earth.

Fast offline map tile rendering provides quick access to critical information for better response time in fast-changing environments. And while Boundless Offline Tile Server provides accurate, up-to-date maps with detail down to small streets and buildings, it also has a small resource footprint – leaving enough disk space and compute resources for all the tools you need in the field. You’ll have all of the functionality your operation requires in a compact, portable solution that is open and easy to integrate against.

Boundless Offline Tile Server is optimized for speed with pre-processed vector tiles, predictively pushed to your applications. Delivered as a single executable file, it runs on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. And because new base maps are regularly available for download, you’ll always have the latest and most accurate information.

Boundless Offline Tile Server is available through an annual subscription. To see more about the specific features and capabilities, or to learn more about how Boundless Offline Tile Server can improve your field operations, download the brochure or speak with us today.