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Boundless tackles geospatial data with new cloud-based analytics platform

There’s more to business intelligence than just raw numbers for retailers and other enterprises that have a large physical footprint. Data such as sales performance have to be put in a geographic context to be meaningful, which is what Boundless Spatial Inc. hopes to enable with its latest product.

The five-year-old startup today unveiled a platform called Boundless Enterprise that’s designed to facilitate geospatial analysis on a large scale. It’s a cloud-based incarnation of the provider’s existing Boundless Standard offering. The software, which is used by big names such as Thomson Reuters Corp and Hitachi Ltd., has been retooled to let firms process their location data in a more efficient way.

Boundless said the platform can turn raw geospatial records into a multilayer map to visualize operational patterns. A logistics company, for example, might create a high-level view of its delivery routes to help analysts find ways to shorten shipping times. A retailer could overlay consumer spending and competitor data on a similar map to identify areas that present expansion opportunities.


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