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Boundless Because Location Matters

Boundless Spatial is growing and looking for investors. They’re currently accepting bids in Crunchbase, a marketplace for investors and startup companies. As the company writes in their Crunchbase bio, “Boundless provides product support, training, and core development to meet your geospatial requirements. By providing the first open GIS ecosystem—a commercially-supported open source platform and family of powerful products—Boundless is unlocking the full value of location-based data. They’re not your average group of software developers and geospatial geeks. In fact, they’re the world’s foremost leading authority on open source GIS and location-based data. Over the past 14 years, Boundless has set the standard in open source geospatial expertise. Their team is active in the open source geospatial (FOSS4G) community, gathering and sharing their deep understanding of GIS theories and concepts. They’re now expanding this expertise by introducing the first open GIS ecosystem, unlocking the value of location-based data for all.”

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