Mobile GIS capabilities to make your geospatial operations more accessible and flexible

Mobility is at the heart of today’s technology. The ability to update and share information from anywhere, to anyone, means that your organization can accomplish work faster and more efficiently. Boundless Anywhere offers mobile GIS solutions that empower you to do more, on the move:

  • Ground-truth geographic data
  • Streamline your workflows
  • Empower responders to collect, even offline

With Anywhere, you can collect data wherever you are – use maps to engage a community, validate data, make observations, report, respond, and communicate. Field collection workflows are simplified and the accuracy of your geospatial data is improved. The Boundless Anywhere mobile app can transform field collection work for applications in asset management, law enforcement, agriculture, utilities, insurance, and all levels of government.

Capture new data and edit or delete existing data whether or not you’re online, and sync instantly when you’re connected or upload manually when you’re back online. Take photos and attach them to features so you can share what you observed on location. See your edits instantly on Boundless Exchange, where you and your team can analyze and share your findings with the rest of the organization.