Managed Services

Boundless Managed Services

For Boundless Server Enterprise and Boundless Exchange

You own your data and choose your cloud – we handle the rest

Easily manage your business-critical GIS applications while benefiting from lower infrastructure costs and the elastic capacity of cloud, with the power of Boundless Server Enterprise™ and Boundless Exchange™ as managed service offerings.

Boundless delivers highly available, always on, robust GIS server and content management solutions, all managed by the same company that developed the software. We remove the hassle and headache of managing the software and infrastructure you need to drive location data for your organization – small, midsize, or enterprise.

Secure and supported

When you choose Boundless Server Enterprise or Boundless Exchange as managed services, you’re trusting the experts to deploy your geospatial solution for immediate use, and to your advantage.

With our support, your instance will be secure, backed-up, available with failover, and always up-to-date. We’ll monitor and maintain the software and infrastructure while you focus on what you do best. As we introduce new features, patches, and updates, you can rest assured that your solution is always current and humming along. Boundless has your back with email and phone support options, including optional 24×7 coverage.

If you’d like a little more help, our Professional Services team is ready: From small- to enterprise-size engagements, we apply our experience and expertise to help you extend the value in Boundless solutions.

Why managed services from Boundless?

Focus on business outcomes, not your IT infrastructure

You know your business best. Ensure your budget, personnel, and other resources are concentrated where they have the most impact, while Boundless manages your GIS solutions in the cloud – from implementation and configuration through setup and operation. Get all the value and advantages of Boundless solutions without additional complexity and overhead.

Modernize and control costs

Your ability to keep pace with ever-evolving technology depends on the agility of your IT environment. Upgrade to an infrastructure that provides automatic access to the latest, most powerful solutions at a lower total cost of ownership. As Boundless products evolve, you can immediately harness new capabilities without the hassle of updating software.

Increase flexibility

Continue to meet demand – even unexpected spikes – and to grow and scale effortlessly as your business requires. Boundless solutions as managed services enable you to immediately take advantage of the security and flexibility of the cloud.


What if I am already running Boundless solutions on my own infrastructure?

Give us a call and we can discuss your options. From helping you develop a migration plan to moving your operations to our managed service, we’ve got options that will fit your business needs.

Am I sharing my Boundless Enterprise Server or Boundless Exchange with everyone else in the cloud?

No – each instance and corresponding data is separate and secure. We use industry standard cloud identity management and security practices to ensure that your data and services remain accessible only to those who are entitled.

What are my options if I choose one tier of service, but my needs change during my subscription?

Cloud solutions provide the ability to show-back and charge-back based on usage. We understand it’s important to be able to budget and plan on a yearly basis. Boundless will help you choose the tier that makes the most sense, and we’ll be sure to let you know if your demand is growing faster than anticipated. We’ll ensure that your solution is always up and running, and our team will work with you to decide what works best for your business in terms of managing resources available within your tier, or moving to another tier. With our managed service, whatever you choose will be easy and transparent.

Can my organization try Boundless Managed Services on a month-to-month basis?

Yes! We have a nominal set-up fee and a quick-start engagement that ensures you can get up and running quickly on our month-to-month program. This gives you the ability to get immediate value from Boundless solutions, along with the flexibility you need.

What if I want to add the Boundless Anywhere™ mobile capability to my Boundless Exchange instance?

Just give us a call. Boundless Anywhere works hand-in-hand with Boundless Exchange to simplify field collection workflows and ground-truth geospatial data, improving the accuracy of spatial information. With Boundless Exchange running as a managed service and coupled with Boundless Anywhere, it will be even easier to engage with a community, validate data, make observations, respond, and communicate while on the move.