Considering GeoServer?
Know your options for education, small businesses, and enterprise applications

GeoServer is a free, open-source server for sharing geospatial data, which is developed, tested, and supported as a community-driven project by individuals and organizations around the world. Boundless is a key member of the GeoServer community and a core contributor working on behalf of our customers in a variety of capacities.

Researchers, students, non-profits, individual enthusiasts, as well as businesses with the time and desire to invest in the community, can benefit from this open-source project for their web mapping needs.

Need more from a GIS server? Get the functionality of GeoServer backed by full commercial support and a modern, cloud-based IT infrastructure with geospatial solutions from Boundless.

Boundless Server is ideal for organizations that need an alternative to high-priced proprietary solutions but still offer commercial-level support.

Boundless Server is built on the proven technology of the PostGIS, GeoServer, and GeoWebCache projects, with a flexible architecture that allows organizations to reliably publish a range of data and workflows to web applications, desktop clients, and mobile devices.

Hear how our customers are leveraging open GIS solutions supported by Boundless.

Boundless Server Enterprise is designed for the most complex geospatial needs via the only cloud-native geospatial server with unparalleled scalability at a lower total cost

Boundless Server Enterprise is a cloud-native deployment of Boundless Server. It is a powerful, highly scalable GIS server solution for large-scale enterprises. Boundless Server Enterprise is also available as a managed service.

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Combined with the power of commercial support and maintenance, Boundless Server and Boundless Server Enterprise offer the flexibility of open source with the reliability and support of a single, stable vendor.