Efficiently manage large volumes of location data and imagery to analyze, interpret, and solve complex issues that impact quality of life

As government agencies collect and store more location data and imagery than ever before, geospatial applications must respond to the challenge. Timely and accurate geospatial intelligence is critical to making decisions that impact safety, security, and quality of life. Public accountability means that agencies must be mindful of directing costs away from necessary tasks.

Boundless speed to respond to the challenge
Boundless Scalability for servers

With single-vendor solutions, government agencies can find themselves locked into costly, long-term contracts for software that doesn’t scale with growth or spikes in demand. Concerns about interoperability can also impede interagency cooperation when the need for visibility and coordination is crucial.

Boundless provides enterprise-grade, supported versions of open source software along with reliable, expert help from feature development to production support. Interoperability is built right in, ensuring that geospatial data and analysis is accessible across agencies and divisions. Open-source technology offers the flexibility needed to leverage geospatial data now and when needs or demands change. Expenses are predictable and manageable, freeing resources for mission-critical operations.

Use Cases

Boundless Resource Management Industry

Resource Management

Understand current and historical data for the management of agriculture, forestry, mining, water, and other natural resources

Boundless Safety and Security Industry

Safety and Security

Operational support and coordination for defense, disaster response, law enforcement, national security, and first responder services

Boundless Infrastructure Industry


Manage resources and assets for highways, ports, public transportation, and airports