Building Upon the Community

Boundless believes in the power of geography, and strives to promote geo-education wherever and whenever possible – at home or, in the classroom. Open source software provides the best tools to help educators and students learn about geography.

Building upon the great work started by the GeoForAll initiative, and as a complement to course materials provided by the FOSS4G Academy, Boundless is proud to provide free access to the open GIS ecosystem, Boundless Connect. Connect provides a collection of tutorials, style files, plugins and premium datasets and a global user community to interact with.

Enrollment Benefits
  • Access to Boundless software including Boundless Desktop
  • Workshops, tutorials, and sample datasets to use in the classroom or at home
  • How-to’s for using open source software such as Boundless Suite, Boundless Desktop, and Boundless Exchange
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level training videos to get up and running quickly
  • Access to Boundless supported plugins:
    • MGRS – plot military grid reference point
    • What3Words – geocode coordinates in W3W trigraph reference system
    • GeoServer Manager – publish datasets to GeoServer as OGC web services
    • Time Manager – visualize datasets over space/time
Make an impact in the classroom

Invite Boundless Staff to Speak at Your School! Boundless staff are happy to speak to university students, faculty, and staff about the latest trends in open source GIS and the state of the Boundless Ecosystem. Whether in-person, virtually through a webcast or teleconference, we want to ensure students, faculty, and staff are up-to-date on technology and trends in the open source GIS community.

Charting your career path

For students, finding a job after college can be both a daunting and stressful task. Boundless supports interns participating in both Google Summer of Code and Facebook Open Academy, inviting users to participate in the code development needs of our engineering roadmap and discuss current or anticipated job openings within Boundless.

Coming soon!

Upon feedback from users and educational partners, Boundless is building a formal internship program, to expose interns to relevant and challenging work in a real world situation with a reputable open GIS company.

Eligibility & Enrollment

The Boundless Education Program is open to all students and educators who are actively enrolled in in one of the following: 1) Accredited public or private primary or secondary school; 2) Accredited higher education institution that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of 2 years of study; 3) Homeschool, as defined by state homeschooling regulations. Students and educators will be required to with their institution’s email address (.edu or similar) as part of their proof of enrollment.

Eligibility Requirements
Building Upon the Community

Once your information has been confirmed you will be invited to visit Boundless Connect and get started.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to send an email to

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