A flexible, powerful, interoperable GIS experience for intelligence and defense applications

Geospatial technology has changed defense and intelligence operations in every part of the world, wherever personnel are deployed. Defense leaders, analysts, and other staff rely on accurate GIS data to carry out mission-critical activities strategically and successfully, with efficient collaboration across all phases of planning and operational activities.

Boundless provides enterprise-grade, fully supported GIS products built on open source technology to maximize productivity for geospatial analysts and intelligence personnel who work within ever-changing operational environments.

Boundless Desktop has received the U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN), an accreditation that ensures the product meets Federal Department of Defense (DoD) and Army guidelines, regulations, and requirements. The CoN verifies compliance with stringent DoD and Army requirements for security, sustainability, and usability.

Boundless provides enterprise-grade, fully supported GIS products

Use Cases

Boundless situation asseessment

Situation Assessment

Provide access to complete visual displays of tactical information to personnel in command or in the field

Boundless Land ops

Land Operations

Interpret data about terrain conditions, elevations, routes, vegetation cover, communication assets, facilities, population centers and more to inform operational decisions

Boundless air ops

Air Operations

Precise data to enable tactical decisions to guide troops and supplies, convey weather and visibility data to pilots, and guide targeting

Boundless Maritime Operations

Maritime Operations

Use information about currents, wave conditions, tides, and weather to achieve more accurate positioning information