Boundless works with you to solve complex business problems through open-standard geospatial technologies. From apps to infrastructure and automation, to cloud, we are constantly finding cost-effective ways to help you operate efficiently.

Collaboratively, efficiently and cost effectively – when you work with the location data experts at Boundless, you’ll move your team forward fast without breaking the bank. With rapidly evolving GIS technologies, you’ll need a true partner to help you navigate the terrain mitigating risk, to identify the best channels for reaching business goals.

Custom Solutions

Needs Assessment & Planning

Leveraging decades of GIS development and implementation experience, Boundless positions you for maximum success. From a comprehensive assessment of your current work processes, through a complete GIS implementation, Boundless reviews existing technologies within your organization and makes recommendations on the appropriate use of GIS to supplement and improve your organization’s operations.

Database Design & Conversion

Boundless provides the experience necessary to optimize your spatial and tabular data structure to eliminate redundancy, improve performance of access, and streamline queries.

System Implementation

Once an optimized system and data design are developed, you need an experienced staff to implement. Boundless’ expertise in geospatial applications, cloud, and on-premise delivery–as well as networking and security expertise–ensures that the implemented solution will meet the demands of your organization.

Application Development

Decision makers require reliable, flexible and cost-effective applications that provide needed information in a timely and accurate manner. Boundless has designed and implemented applications for our clients to aid in data entry, organization, and management to perform advanced queries and analyses such as network modeling in GIS or maintenance planning in asset management systems.

Let us help you turn data into insights via visualizations, and dashboards that answer your company’s most important questions.

Spatial Analytics

Whether using GIS for network planning, field service management, or route optimization, our analytical expertise provides you with new and unique ways to define solutions to problems. Combine your multivariate data sets to determine often hidden spatial relationships between your people, places, and things and to drive better decision-making for your enterprise.


ROI Focused

As your systems and volume of data expand, Boundless focuses on how to manage and deploy your GIS infrastructure and applications to optimize your return on investment (ROI).


Agile Development Methodology

In place of costly and time-consuming upfront design efforts, Boundless focuses on iterations and incremental delivery work prioritized by business value, organizational enablement, and risk reduction.


Lower Risk

When development is distributed, the risk of failure goes down. We take responsibility for testing, strengthening, securing, and providing customer support to the open source geospatial technologies that Boundless contributes to.


Faster Adoption

Through dedicated training and support, Boundless experts help you achieve your targeted business outcomes faster, maximizing the impact of your Boundless subscription.

Enterprise Applications


Mapping & Data Visualization

Our maps and visual intelligence tools let you see the implications of your data in ways not detectable on a standard spreadsheet, linear graph, or pie chart. Boundless can assist your organization in:

  • Breaking the data access logjam by empowering departments to  access their own data and answer their own questions
  • Uncovering answers within data from multiple systems to reveal trends and outliers
  • Sharing insights throughout your organization via map/data publishing, versioning, and collaboration


Map the most efficient route between multiple locations. Pair this feature with the proximity tools to show nearby points from any specified location.


Site Selection & Land Development

By combining aerial imagery and public/private data sets with our extensive geospatial knowledge, we can assist you in identifying optimal locations for your business and improve your land management using geoanalytical site selection.


Transport & Infrastructure Planning

Effectively manage property interests with tailored geodatabases that accurately capture asset information. With our extensive geospatial and property knowledge, we can develop a custom solution for your business using real-time location data.

Asset Management

Develop options for infrastructure projects including road corridors, electricity lines and access ways using best path analysis.

Workshops and Jumpstart Packages

Boundless’ Professional Services Team has developed a series of predefined Workshops and service packages called Jumpstarts. Like the name implies, the intent of Jumpstart is to enable your organization’s utilization of open source GIS technology as quickly and easily as possible. Jumpstart packages achieve this by bundling the agenda, consulting hours, and travel together in a fixed price package. Please contact us to learn more.