Committed to Open

We are fully committed to open source. The experts at Boundless are active at all levels in open source project initiatives from advocacy and outreach, to project leadership and committee participation. Visit our GitHub page below.

Our GitHub
The Open Software Initiative

All of the projects we work with are published using Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved license. As a member of the community, we recognize using an open source license is not enough – successful open source projects must also be open for collaboration. We are proud to work with the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, LocationTech, OGC, and others who meet these ideals.

Our Collaborative Contributions


Set high standards, but keep them open

We promote interoperability through open standards. Our products implement geospatial standards from OGC, W3C and ISO (including WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS, WPS, CS-W and GeoPackage), as well as informal standards defined at the community level (such as GeoJSON, GeoTIFF, KML, and MBTiles). Since our founding, we’ve helped to define these standards through participation in OGC test beds, committees, and working group meetings.

Here are some of the community initiatives that welcome contribution:
  • geoserver-exts – GeoServer Extensions including YSLD, MongoDB, FGDB and more
  • composer – Map composition client for GeoServer
  • sdk – JavaScript SDK using React and Flux
  • qgis-what3words-plugin – Desktop integration of what3words “addressing” service.