Collect and analyze location-based data to improve decision-making, provide better service, and solve business problems

If your organization maintains property, equipment, or other assets over a widely distributed geographical area, you probably rely on GIS to see, analyze, and understand data from those assets. Ideally, you leverage this data to identify patterns and make faster, more profitable business decisions.

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However, up to 80% of location data delivers no business value on its own, and data that’s locked in outdated legacy systems can be expensive and time-consuming to access. Because most GIS systems are built on aging, proprietary technology, they’re difficult to scale, costly to use, and simply can’t keep up with modern cloud-based, mobile, and containerized technologies.

Boundless offers a better approach to creating value from geospatial data. Our complete GIS solution is built on open source technology and open APIs that generate actionable location intelligence across third-party apps, content services, and plug-ins for enterprise applications. With Boundless, you’re empowered to accelerate the speed of innovation.


Boundless Agriculture


Leverage location-based data to get valuable insights that enable you to maximize limited resources.
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Transportation and logistics

Solve complicated challenges by precisely analyzing location-based data, from hospitals providing patient transport to oil companies planning pipeline locations.

Boundless real estate

Construction and real estate

Refine the highly strategic process of site selection with minimal impact to timelines and budgets by optimizing location-based data around population, weather, regulations, and traffic patterns.

Oil and Gas

Use mapping and spatial analytics to get insight for decision that help achieve compliance, ensure accurate site selection, and locate resources.


Use location insights to improve response response management and streamline assessment, quotes, and claims.


Increase efficiency, meet regulatory requirements, reduce risk and meet the demands of customers with up-to-date location-based data on equipment and assets.

Boundless Public Health


Location-based data enables oversight and monitoring for a range of tasks, from patient transport and facility management to population analysis and disease outbreaks.