GIS Mapping Terrain Analysis In Boundless Desktop At Your Fingertips

Boundless Desktop includes many different tools for raster analysis including QGIS native algorithms as well as algorithms from GRASS GIS, SAGA GIS, GDAL and others.

The benefit here is different tools may have different parameters, or support different input or output formats, so more choices ensures the user always has a tool to meet their needs.

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Using Mapbox Style Objects With OpenLayers


Much like Microsoft Office is a bundle of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other applications, Boundless Desktop is a bundle of mature open source GIS projects integrated and tested in a single install package. You don’t need a license to use the tools, and you can purchase optional technical support, premium content & services to ensure your success in an operational environment.

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Help Guide the Future of the Boundless Ecosystem

we want your feedback Boundless

Boundless is proud of its open source roots, built upon a lineage of software projects with contributions from users all around the globe. Our goal is to package these best-of-breed capabilities with commercial support, maintenance, training, and resources into an ecosystem that is accessible by everyone. We work hard to maintain open communication with our users and contributors to continually improve our ecosystem. So as we near the end of 2016 we thought it would be a good time to do some self-reflection and solicit feedback on what our users would love to see in our ecosystem.

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