Boundless Support

They say outstanding customer support is a thing of the past.
We beg to differ.

Boundless offers the commercial support and maintenance for your open GIS needs. Whether it’s self-service or speaking live to a tech specialist with 24x7 availability, our team is here to ensure your uptime and keep your GIS operating smoothly.

Boundless Support

Boundless product subscriptions provide access to Boundless Support. Boundless provides extensive, technical advice and solutions to customer issues through troubleshooting, research, and testing. Work with our team of experts to ensure Boundless products are meeting the needs of your organization. 24×7 support is also available with select product subscriptions.

Community Support

Register with Boundless Connect and be part of an active and growing community of open source GIS users and developers. A free Connect account unlocks the ability to post and answer questions, participate in topical discussions, and contribute to the Connect community.