The Open Platform for Collaboration

Boundless Exchange is the open web-based geospatial CMS (Content Management System) for all your GIS needs. Its intuitive user interface enables non-developers to easily facilitate collaboration across the organization using a powerful, web-enabled versioning engine featuring connected or offline editing and basemaps from leading resource providers.



In-house or crowdsourced mapping content functionality


Intuitive user interface for greater project management


Fast, easy, and version-controlled

No developer required

  • Completely customizable
  • Extensible architecture integration
  • Proven performance & scalability
  • Critical technology integrations

Your geo story your way

  • Interoperable & OGC-compliant
  • Dynamic, interactive, communal collaboration
  • Basemaps from top providers: Mapbox, Planet, and more!
  • Discoverability - search & retrieve ALL geospatial services

Configure & customize for your brand standards

  • White-label our software for internal-only use
  • Boundless graphics services available for complete customization

Update your data, anywhere

  • Collaborate in real-time to make faster decisions
  • Ground-truth data to improve accuracy
  • Empower responders to collect data, even when offline
Unlimited Users
  • No arbitrary limitations on users
  • Spatially enable all – no tracking

24×7 Enterprise Support
  • Backed by Boundless experts
  • Annual or multi-year

Embedded Security
  • Including: LDAP, PKI & Active Directory
  • WebGate Authentication

we want your feedback Boundless

Help Guide the Future of the Boundless Ecosystem

Boundless is proud of its open source roots, built upon a lineage of software projects with contributions from users all around the globe. Our goal is to package these best-of-breed capabilities with commercial support, maintenance, training, and resources into an ecosystem that is accessible by everyone. We work hard to maintain open communication with our users and contributors to continually improve our ecosystem. So as we near the end of 2016 we thought it would be a good time to do some self-reflection and solicit feedback on what our users would love to see in our ecosystem.

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Boundless Open Source GIS

Boundless Ecosystem: The Next Generation of Open Source GIS

For the last several years Boundless has been the go-to company for commercial support and maintenance to proven, open source geospatial projects. This support mitigates risk and enables open source GIS software to thrive in operational enterprise environments. Our professional services team has helped countless organizations, both big and small, seamlessly integrate open source into hybrid architectures.

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