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Introducing Boundless Desktop: a native, cross-platform desktop GIS built upon proven open source software including: QGIS, PgAdmin, Qt Designer, and Python. With a monthly subscription service model and an ecosystem of over 600+ plugins, we’ve made it easier to work with geospatial data in a full-featured, supported set of applications.

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Boundless Desktop Features
  • Subscription service model – NO costly named user licenses
  • 600+ plugins including: Boundless Lessons & WebAppBuilder
  • Auto-access to Boundless Connect online platform
  • Build and manage geographic data
  • Native cross-platform workspace – your system, your needs
  • Automate workflows – export & share easily

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  • Direct access to the Boundless Connect Ecosystem
  • Browse quick start guides to get you up and running
  • Post questions to forums, and download workshop materials
  • Publish content with GeoServer Explorer plugin


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  • All of the Basic benefits, plus...
  • Intermediate level training videos and how-tos
  • Includes online training credits
  • Support for Georeferencing and Time Manager plugins
  • Direct access to GeoGig plugin (beta)


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  • All of the Standard benefits, plus...
  • Direct technical support via ZenDesk
  • Advanced level training video and how-tos
  • Support PKI integration
  • Access to the Boundless beta program
  • Direct access to the WebAppBuilder plugin

Are you a student or educator looking to use Boundless Desktop? Register for our Boundless Education program and get access to advanced level features for FREE!

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Boundless Desktop: Support Your Concurrent Operations With Open Source GIS

Boundless Desktop, powered by best-of-breed open source technologies, is a bundle of supported, professional GIS software for working with spatial data. NO USER LICENSES, CREDITS, OR NAMED USER ACCOUNTS NEEDED All Boundless software uses open source licenses, but unlike proprietary software, open software gives users the freedom to scale their number of users concurrently, and

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Help Guide the Future of the Boundless Ecosystem

Boundless is proud of its open source roots, built upon a lineage of software projects with contributions from users all around the globe.  Our goal is to package these best-of-breed capabilities with commercial support, maintenance, training, and resources into an ecosystem that is accessible by everyone.  We work hard to maintain open communication with our

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Lessons Plugin for Boundless Desktop

Introducing The Lessons Plugin for Boundless Desktop

One of the benefits of working with QGIS is how easily you can add to its capabilities with a drop-in plugin. We released a QGIS plugin that I’m particularly excited about with our Desktop 1.0 launch: the QGIS Lessons plugin, available on the Boundless plugin repository. Lessons teaches you to perform common tasks within QGIS —

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