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Boundless Desktop: a native, cross-platform desktop GIS built upon proven open source software including: QGIS, PgAdmin, Qt Designer, and Python. Build maps, manage data, model and analyze, and disseminate results easily with users from around the globe. With an annual enterprise subscription available to organizations, we’ve made it easier to work with open GIS in a supported environment.


Boundless Desktop Features
  • Annual enterprise subscriptions provide organizations product support
  • 600+ plugins including Boundless Lessons
  • Access to Boundless Connect online platform
  • Build and manage geographic data
  • Native cross-platform workspace – your system, your needs
  • Automate workflows – export and share easily
  • Access to Premium Imagery and Basemaps
  • Boundless Desktop has received the U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN), an accreditation that ensures the product meets Federal Department of Defense (DoD) and Army guidelines, regulations, and requirements. The CoN verifies compliance with stringent DoD and Army requirements for security, sustainability, and usability




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  • All Basic user benefits plus
  • Direct access to and support for a robust plugin library, including: MIL-STD 2525, Boundless Terrain Analysis, and hundreds more
  • Direct Technical Support
  • Access to premium basemaps*
  • Expert training to minimize time to value
  • Integration package access and support

*Subject to terms and conditions


Are you a student or educator looking to use Boundless Desktop? Register for our Boundless Education program and get access to advanced level features for FREE!

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