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Boundless January 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter Q1 2017

Andy Dearing Hello,
As we enter the new year, one of our resolutions is to be in closer touch with our friends of Boundless. This inaugural newsletter is the first step, with the goal of keeping you more in-touch
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Boundless Suite 4.9 Update

Announcing Boundless Suite 4.9!

Boundless is excited to announce the release of Boundless Suite 4.9!

What’s new in Boundless Suite 4.9

Boundless Suite 4.9 includes many exciting new features and improvements.

General Changes

We have added a new VM deployment option: The Boundless Suite …

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Help Guide the Future of the Boundless Ecosystem

Boundless is proud of its open source roots, built upon a lineage of software projects with contributions from users all around the globe.  Our goal is to package these best-of-breed capabilities with commercial support, maintenance, training, and resources into an …

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LocationTech Tour 2016

If you caught our update on FOSS4G 2016 you know we enjoy taking part in community events and open source advocacy. The LocationTech Tour is the second big open source GIS mapping conference & community event we take part in; …

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One Processing Raster Calculator To Rule Them All

In the road to QGIS 3, the Processing framework is seeing some interesting changes. Some of them have just started taking shape, such as adapting algorithm execution to use the recently-added Task Manager, while others have been added and well-tested …

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Introducing The Lessons Plugin for Boundless Desktop

One of the benefits of working with QGIS is how easily you can add to its capabilities with a drop-in plugin. We released a QGIS plugin that I’m particularly excited about with our Desktop 1.0 launch: the QGIS Lessons plugin,

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