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Drive Business Optimization with Geospatial Big Data

The proliferation of geospatial data offers your enterprise an opportunity, but it’s also a challenge in terms of performance, storage, and scaling. As more types of data become available for collection and analysis, your decision-making power can increase – if you have the ability to scale. But it’s also increasingly easier to reach the limits of your legacy systems, and scaling up can be costly.

If your organization is among those planning to spend nearly $190 billion on big data and business analytics in the next few years, ensure you’re making the most of your investment with a modern, open approach. Boundless can help you innovate more quickly and extract more value from your geospatial data within a flexible, scalable cloud environment that precisely meets your business requirements.


We understand the challenges of geospatial big data and offer proven technologies within our core products. By bringing structure to the complex world of big data, your enterprise is empowered to drive innovation, improve product development, transform customer service, and maintain a competitive edge.

Data from satellite and drone imagery, 3D images, land features, street addresses, population data, weather information, and other attributes can yield powerful business intelligence for companies in a variety of industries:

  • Satellite imagery providers
  • Digital agriculture
  • Weather services
  • Emergency response systems
  • Land use and ownership
  • Insurance
  • Forestry
  • Retail


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