Meet your experts. We employ some of the best and brightest talent the geospatial technology industry has to offer. From open GIS community leaders and code contributors, to vertical-specific catalysts who understand the complex data challenges facing organizations today, let our team be your go-to team.

What We Offer

Articles & Solutions

Save time by troubleshooting your issues and find the answers to support questions before you open a ticket with resolutions crowdsourced by a community of peers. If you have a question, chances are, there’s already an answer here.

Case Stories & White Papers

Detailed use cases and whitepapers  provide practical advice to help solve real-world problems with open geospatial software supported by Boundless.

Training & Certification

Expand your skill set, build your reputation, and advance your career via packaged, self-paced educational offerings oriented around practical applications to common location intelligence queries.


Install and administer Boundless products in supported settings and configurations. We provide detailed reference architectures that describe solutions built, tested, and benchmarked to ensure you are implementing recommended solutions from the beginning.


Get insider access to information from Boundless engineers and leading industry experts, view product demos before you buy, and discover useful hacks and tips.


Work alongside of peers and the Boundless experts to share ideas on geospatial products online, at Boundless sponsored events, and meet-up gatherings.

Boundless is the leading commercial contributor to open source geospatial projects and technologies


Boundless engineers and developers are true thought leaders and advocates – promoting the adoption of open source GIS to communities and organizations worldwide. Our team takes an active role in bringing customers, partners, and developers together to solve complex geospatial challenges.


Open source geospatial development projects underpin our offerings and their communities are the source of our strength. However, Boundless lives by the mantra we cannot simply take, we must pay it forward.  Boundless contributes code, our knowledge, and connections back to these communities for the betterment of all.


Open GIS mapping  technologies are constantly changing – making it extremely difficult to keep abreast of compatibility, security, and scalability issues. When useful open source GIS technology emerges, we test it, strengthen it, make it secure and reliable before we package it up as enterprise products that we fully support.


"Boundless' participation in the GeoNode community has been a great asset to the project since its inception. Their engineering team is continuing to provide leadership on new capabilities and features as well as helping to manage critical project infrastructure and the release process."

Jeffrey Johnson - GeoNode Steering Committee Member