An exciting future, built on an impressive past

Over the past 14 years, Boundless has set the standard in open source geospatial expertise. Our team is active in the open source geospatial community, gathering and sharing their deep understanding of GIS theories and concepts. We’re now expanding this expertise by introducing the first open GIS ecosystem, unlocking the value of location-based data for all.

With our roots still firmly planted in the larger community, we’re looking ahead to a bright and Boundless future. Curious to learn more? Stay tuned. We’re just getting started…

Our Mission

To deliver innovative solutions, empowering customers to understand their world.

Our Values


We follow through | We assume positive intent | We work without ego | We are ethical by nature | We make quick but thoughtful decisions


We rely on each other | We are transparent communicators | We hold each other accountable | We support each other


We demonstrate a customer-first mentality in everything we do | We strive to exceed expectations | We are personally responsible | We are good stewards of the company


We constantly seek diversity in opinions | We keep our skill sets current | We look for innovative solutions | We use best practices


We are optimistic | We empower people to take smart risks | We seek to understand | We employ talented people | We celebrate our success

Our team works wherever there’s WiFi (and good coffee.)
Here’s where we can be found around the world: