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GIS Technology Goes Mainstream


The geospatially savvy know that demand for location intelligence is growing at an astonishing rate, but can GIS technology now be considered mainstream IT?

According to research by ARC Advisory Group, the shift is definitely on. As reported in GIS Professional, current technology trends show that GIS system providers are increasingly enabling their solutions to be hosted in the cloud. “With cloud-based GIS solutions, users and a variety of other systems can easily access real-time geographic data anytime, anywhere, for analysis and visualization.”

ARC describes this shift as GIS changing from a map-based system to a “system of engagement and insight” that enables organizations to be more fully aware of all aspects of their operation.

Exciting as this fundamental change may be, challenges remain for enterprises that want to migrate GIS to the cloud. Questions about data security, cost, and business disruption can delay or prevent cloud adoption in spite of the advantages inherent with cloud. Fortunately, there are options – including a managed services approach, which transfers many of the complexities of cloud migration from you to your solution provider.


If you’re questioning how your organization can tackle migrating GIS to the cloud, Boundless is offering our Modern Playbook for GIS Cloud Migration as a complimentary download. In this e-book, you’ll learn about different types of cloud environments, typical barriers to cloud adoption, and how to plan for the future. You can also speak with us to learn more about the fastest way to get your GIS to the cloud.

If you schedule a meeting with the Boundless team by August 31, we’ll assess your infrastructure and provide a complete migration path for your geospatial solution at no cost. Boundless will prepare a project plan, stand up the baseline cloud infrastructure, deliver a pathway for data migration, and provide the training and support to get you started.