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GIS to Cloud, Hybrid Architecture, and Licensing Models are Hot Topics Out West

We’re back from sunny San Diego (San Dee-AH-go for all of you Ron Burgundy fans) after a successful week meeting with many of you at our West Coast pop-up HQ. The Boundless team met with potential customers looking to migrate their geospatial enterprise to a next-generation location solution. It was exciting to sit with potential customers and learn about how they’re using location to fulfill their business needs – and help articulate how Boundless solutions can help them achieve those goals faster, and more affordably than the proprietary solutions they are using now.

While every organization has its own set of unique challenges, there were a few common themes that came up during the week. The first was a general push to GIS in the cloud. While many organizations have already made the transition to the cloud on their own, still others have been mandated to move but are unsure where to begin. This is an area where Boundless really shines: not only is our GIS server cloud-native, stateless, and truly elastic, we now offer our software as managed services for a completely turnkey cloud GIS capability. It has never been easier to move your GIS to the cloud.

It was also clear that hybrid architectures of Boundless software alongside existing GIS software investments is both the most cost effective and most powerful approach to preventing vendor lock-in. Boundless understands the need to use software from many different vendors, and our interoperable, open, and modern approach to location solutions means you can leverage Boundless solutions where they excel, while still leveraging third-party software when specialized solutions are needed.

Finally, several conversations revolved around frustrations with complex licensing models. People expressed concerns over the unsustainability of a named user model, or licensing that penalizes you when you need to add additional components to your enterprise to support increased use or demand. It seems that many organizations are forced to restrict service to their customers for fear of the costs associated with an unsustainable licensing model.

At Boundless, we don’t believe that counting users, cores, or CPU cycles is effective. Our cloud-native location solution scales up automatically when you need additional compute resources, and scales back down when you don’t. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge you for additional licenses when you need to scale up. Just pay one flat-rate subscription regardless of the number of instances or cloud servers you need. And there are never any limits on the number of users who can use your system. This is the true power of cloud GIS, and the backbone of Boundless’ next-generation location solutions.

I very much enjoyed talking to everyone who came out to our Tuesday night social event at Barleymash. It was evident from the line down Market Street that many of you are ready to learn more about the next generation of location solutions from Boundless.

If you weren’t able to connect with us in San Diego and want to talk, let us know! Schedule a meeting with us by July 31 to assess your infrastructure, and we will provide a complete migration path for your solution at no cost.