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Boundless, Vricon Deliver 3D Content Offline in Challenging Environments

Today, exploiting 3D GEOINT content is more critical than ever. First responders, mission commanders, and warfighters all work in the most challenging environments – which are often disconnected, remote, or inhospitable. And all require access to timely and precise geospatial information. Visualization is critical to their success, and traditional imagery cannot meet their needs for realistic 3D situational awareness.

Boundless Offline Tile Server VRICON screen captureIn response, Boundless and Vricon – a global leader in 3D data and solutions – developed the lightweight, offline capability to natively provide Vricon 3D content in a browser. This provides first responders, mission commanders, and warfighters with highly detailed visualizations, foundational models to correlate information layers, and the confidence to plan and execute missions.

Delivered from a USB drive or portable package of choice, the Boundless Offline Tile Server allows users to define an area of interest and push Vricon 3D tiles into a GeoPackage for fully offline exploitation – clip, zip, and ship.

Boundless Offline Tile Server is a purpose-built tile server, efficiently providing self-contained vector tiles and Vricon 3D basemaps with zero external dependencies. Simply put, you can use a completely disconnected global basemap, whenever and wherever you need it.

When interoperability, accuracy, and speed are critical, Boundless and Vricon have you covered. Contact Boundless to find out out more about Boundless Offline Tile Server and Vricon 3D datasets.

Find out more about the critical features and benefits of Boundless Offline Tile Server from the people who developed the product! Reserve your seat for a free webinar, Inside Boundless Offline Tile Server, August 2 at 2:30 p.m. EST / 11:30 a.m. PST.

Elliott Ferguson

VP - Professional Services

Elliott Ferguson has over 7 years of geographic software and information systems experience. Most of his career has been spent working with NGA, IC, DoD and other governmental organizations. Elliott spent 3.5 years with Harris Corporation as a Geospatial Engineer and IR&D lead. He then transitioned to T-Kartor USA where as CEO he grew the company from eight to forty + staff and drastically increased revenues year over year. Elliott attended Bowling Green State University and the North Carolina State University with a focus in Sustainability Management and Geospatial Information Sciences. When Elliott isn’t supporting his clients and staff, you can find him spending time with his family, cycling, camping, woodworking, and puttering around the garden.