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Fast-track Your GIS in the Cloud with Boundless Server Enterprise as a Managed Service

I am a strong believer in the fact that geography plays a part in everything we do. From requesting an Uber or tracking a package to routing the closest ambulance or analyzing neighborhood crime patterns, location is a critical part of contemporary life. It’s no surprise that more organizations want to use location in their workflows to increase accuracy, productivity, and capability. The problem is that not every organization has the knowledge or resources to collate and process location information, and these limitations often force organizations to forego location analysis in their workflows.

Boundless is expert at working with customers to overcome such obstacles, and we’re particularly excited to announce that Boundless Server Enterprise™ is now available as a managed cloud service. If your organization is challenged by limited staff, legacy infrastructure, or lacks the expertise to set up and maintain a GIS server, a managed instance of Boundless Server Enterprise is the fastest and easiest way to get started. Simply put, let Boundless host your GIS server in the cloud so you can focus on the things that really matter to your business. Our staff ensures your Boundless Server Enterprise instance is configured properly and running at its fullest potential – no matter how demand changes in the future.

The cloud-native Enterprise edition of Boundless Server goes beyond lifting and shifting legacy software to the cloud – it’s optimized for cloud, so you can take full advantage of the ability to dynamically and elastically scale resources when demand changes. As your business grows or you experience unexpected spikes in demand – perhaps you’ve added more locations, acquired another business, or an unforeseen event occurs – your managed instance of Boundless Server Enterprise automatically scales to give you increased performance and high availability. Experiencing lower demand due to seasonality or slowdowns? Scale-down is automatic, minimizing your overall infrastructure costs.

Boundless provides managed service customers with all the advantages of a modern cloud IT infrastructure – including lower operating costs, simplified maintenance, and backup and failover protection – as well as the ability to fast-track the move to cloud. Stop worrying about your infrastructure and hardware, and jump right to leveraging the power of location. Managed service offerings from Boundless are the best way to get your organization up and running with GIS. Learn more about our managed services or reach out to speak with us.