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Updated Capabilities and Managed Service Offering: New in Boundless Exchange

Boundless Exchange™, our web-based geospatial content management system, was designed to be easy to use, customizable, and reliable. We’re excited to extend those capabilities with the latest release of Exchange, which offers upgraded search features, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) map viewer styling, and improved usability for remote services. Exchange is also now available as a managed service offering for customers who want the ability to easily grow and scale without additional complexity in their IT environment.

You own your data and choose your cloud, Boundless handles the rest

Drive value immediately using the rich features of Boundless Exchange through our new managed service offering. Leverage the scalability of Boundless Server Enterprise™ and meet demand while driving down costs. Boundless managed services give you the confidence to meet demand immediately, maintain efficiency effortlessly, and reduce the complexity of your IT environment.

Upgraded mobile capabilities, map styling, and search
Expand Your Reach with Mobile Capabilities

Boundless Anywhere™ brings mobile access to your maps, enabling real-time collaboration with your mobile users and allowing you to quickly ground-truth your data. Empower all your users to collect data and add photos to map features, even when they’re not connected to the Internet, for later synchronization.

Your data, your style

In this release we also bring support for WYSIWYG styling to the map viewer, allowing you to make each layer and each map look exactly as you want it. We’re supporting both simple point, line, and polygon styles as well as unique styling when you want to color-code by a particular feature attribute. This means you can easily create a map from your bicycle crash dataset, for example, that allows the viewer to differentiate between cases with property damage only and those with minor injuries.

A screen capture of Boundless Exchange, displaying a map with important attributes marked by the user
A map created from bicycle crash dataset, allowing viewers to differentiate between cases with property damage only and those with minor injuries.

When you see notifications of new edits to a versioned layer you’re viewing within the map viewer, you can now see which user made the edits. Same with the history on versioned layers – you’ll know exactly which user is making changes. Assign blame (or plaudits) at will!

Find the right data, faster

In this latest version of Exchange, users will experience improved search functionality, including filters for authoritative content, ensuring you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve also added some power search features so that you can specify which metadata field you’d like to match against, boolean operators for matching with more than a single search case, and exclusion commands.

Upgrade your IT with a Hybrid Deployment

We’ve also upgraded and improved remote services support. If your remote service has thousands of layers, you won’t run into any problems registering the service and harvesting all those layers. You can now selectively place layers from a particular service into the Exchange search index. What if you want the cloud cover map from a third-party hosted server to show up in search but not the wind directionality layer, nor the custom basemap that are grouped with it? Harvest only the cloud cover layer, and you’re set.

Using Exchange as part of a hybrid deployment strategy, you can migrate at your own pace, while preserving existing resources. Exchange can catalog and display proprietary services alongside open source services. Because Exchange is built on the use of standards-compliant services, interoperability is built in as you increasingly migrate to open solutions and phase out closed, proprietary systems. This holds true at the database, application server, and user interface tiers. Exchange can act as the entryway, or portal, for your organization’s geospatially enabled information.

To learn more about Boundless Exchange, request a demo or reach out to speak with us.