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Six Reasons Why GIS Teams Love Boundless Server Enterprise

When we launched Boundless Server Enterprise earlier this year, we were thrilled to bring the world’s first cloud-native geospatial server to market. The accumulation and use of geospatial information continues to accelerate at a blistering pace, and we believe geospatial software should be able to meet this challenge with minimum disruption to your IT environment – and to your bottom line.

Boundless developed Boundless Server Enterprise to address the needs of modern enterprises, and naturally we believe there are lots of reasons to make Boundless Server Enterprise part of your solution stack. Here are six of our favorites.


Whether you’re experiencing planned growth or just wanting to future-proof your business against unexpected changes in demand, Boundless Server Enterprise fits your vision of a streamlined, nimble enterprise. Take advantage of modern cloud architecture and make your business more responsive to change and less reliant on legacy environments that can get overwhelmed, crash, and compromise your mission-critical operations.

Cloud native

Join us in the cloud – the weather’s great! It’s also secure, offers plenty of privacy, lots of storage, room to grow, and reasonable prices. In the cloud, you essentially “rent” your computers and storage, meaning you always have the latest and greatest technology available – and you only pay for what you use. But Boundless Server Enterprise is more than just another software package running in the cloud – Boundless Server Enterprise was designed and engineered to run exclusively in the cloud taking advantage of the cloud’s ability to quickly, automatically, and elastically scale and reconfigure resources based on dynamic needs.


Deployments that scale efficiently and quickly can better respond to spikes in usage. The better we can match the resource curve to the traffic curve, the closer we get to perfect efficiency and the lowest operational cost to meet demand. This can result in big savings on your cloud provider bill. Scale up and out to hundreds of high-performance server containers that meet demand, and provide redundancy and failover, without paying for duplicate server licenses as with proprietary software.


In a nutshell, BSE is a web map server that allows rich map presentation, supports lots of map formats, and plays well with other map tools. Geospatial data comes in many formats, and Boundless Server Enterprise has the capability to store data, retrieve it, translate it from one format to another, and style how it is presented. This is accomplished using a set of standards, so users don’t have to be concerned with where the data is from or what format it’s in – ask a location-based question, get a location-based answer.

Painless licensing

From a business perspective, Boundless Server Enterprise offers significant cost savings as the critical engine for deploying web map applications. You’ll save on software licensing because Boundless Server Enterprise is offered as a single-cost yearly subscription for unlimited users.  If you need more, use more. If you need less, scale back.

Built on open technology, developed and supported by the experts at Boundless

We’ve often discussed the advantages of using open geospatial software as part of a hybrid architecture approach to IT. Open source technology is built by a robust and passionate community of developers who stake their professional reputations on code they contribute to a project. Gatekeepers and steering committees ensure the quality and freshness of that code so that it’s secure and up-to-date in terms of fixes and patches. Boundless is proud to employ many of these developers and to offer customers world-class support for the products we develop and enhance on top of open GIS.

To learn more about what Boundless Server Enterprise can do for your organization, request a demo today.