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More efficient workflows, improved versioning: Get ready for GeoGig 1.2


Boundless is announcing the release of GeoGig 1.2, which offers several performance improvements to replication functionality, as well as an updated Web API for GeoServer 2.12 compatibility. GeoGig is the leading open source tool for geospatial data versioning, replication, and synchronization, and this release further enables Boundless users to leverage versioning of their geospatial data, and to enable replication and synchronization workflows, in addition to supporting end-to-end data management workflows.


GeoGig 1.2 supports collaborative versioning workflows like multi-user data editing and data quality reviews by greatly increasing the speed of replication and data sharing functionality. In addition, GeoGig and Boundless Server have coordinated to allow customers to take full advantage of the latest features in GeoServer 2.12, including style-based layer groups, with their versioned data. GeoGig has also made minor updates and bug fixes in support of an upcoming plugin for QGIS, which will provide an easy-to-use versioning interface within the powerful data editing application.


Key benefits of GeoGig 1.2 include:

  • Better support for collaborative versioning workflows by improving cloning and push/pull performance
  • Updated Web API to replace Restlet with Spring MVC in order to align with the latest version of GeoServer
  • Seamless upgrade to GeoServer 2.12 for Boundless Suite and GeoGig users of the GeoServer Plugin


The enhancements in GeoGig 1.2 make it much easier for users to perform versioning, replication and synchronization of their geospatial data. Working closely with LocationTech, Boundless continues to ensure the best open source solutions are fully integrated into the Boundless ecosystem.


GeoGig 1.2 will be available on November 20 and is free to download.