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Bring on Boundless Exchange 1.3!

Boundless is pleased to release Exchange 1.3. We provide the commercial support and maintenance needed for your deployments of Exchange.

A web-based geospatial content management system, Boundless Exchange is an effortless, extensible, and powerful addition to your workflow. Boundless provides additional capabilities on top of GeoNode including basemap content via Boundless Connect, security and authentication options, version control of data via GeoGig, and improved scalability.

Boundless Exchange can also support hybrid architecture integration, working alongside existing proprietary software.  For example, you can index Esri REST services as a discoverable set of layers in Boundless Exchange.  All this brings a flexibility to Boundless Exchange that allows for the implementation of custom designs and workflows.

As part version 1.3, we have a couple small improvements and some major changes to make search that much easier.

Easier Client-side Third-party Support

Boundless Exchange now makes it that much easier to place tracking snippets, testing snippets, or any other third-party javascript or html within the header or bottom of the rendered page.

Improved Search

Exchange’s search is now easier to use and understand. The main and menu search bars now all start a universal search, no matter if you’re currently exploring layers, maps, or documents. A number of under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes have also been made to enhance search.

Custom Faceting

The biggest under-the-hood enhancement has to be the custom search facets configuration. Now, if you need a drill-down on search results that’s specific to your industry and metadata, a server administrator can configure it in moments, compared to the previous requirement of hours of developer time.

Updated Internals

To accompany the feature improvements, Boundless Exchange 1.3 also sports an updated GeoServer (2.11.2) and GeoNode (2.6.1).

We’ve got a lot planned for Exchange and we would love to hear your ideas. If you’re interested in Boundless Exchange, give it a try!