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More Boundless Suite Online GIS Courses Released

Get the skinny on GeoServer data publishing with our new "skinny" course on GeoServer data publishing.

As many of you know, Boundless has an extensive GIS training program with online GIS courses and on-site GIS training designed to suit everyone’s varying needs.

We offer on-site GIS training classes, where we come to you (or you come to us) in a classroom environment.

For the desk-bound, we have the Learning Center on Boundless Connect, which includes dozens of GIS tutorials on Boundless Desktop, Boundless Suite, and (soon) Boundless Exchange. We also have longer-form training, such as our Boundless Suite I course, the most extensive GIS course on Boundless Suite out there.

It’s that course that I want to talk about here.

Boundless Suite I has been our flagship GIS program since we launched it in 2014, and it includes the equivalent of over 20 hours of instruction. It also includes our Boundless GeoServer Certification. We also recently released a major update to this course.

Our long-form courses were designed with modularity in mind. And we know that not everyone has 20+ hours to sit and learn about Boundless Suite, but still want the knowledge straight from the experts and developers that Boundless provides.

Because of this, we are happy to announce two new course options built on the existing Boundless Suite I course:


Boundless Suite Essentials GIS Training Course On Geospatial Software

The Boundless Suite I Essentials course covers a subset of the larger course, including these topics:

1. Data Publishing
2. Administration
3. Data Management
4. Application/Deployment

This GIS training course is perfect for those who already have a solid understanding of spatial and OGC web services, and just want to know the mechanics of working with Boundless Suite geospatial software. It is also less than half the cost of the full GIS training course.


Boundless Suite Data Publishing GIS Program

The Data Publishing GIS program covers just the titular module, but it’s still a fantastic and inexpensive way to get started with Boundless Suite.

Both GIS programs are self-paced, but get you email-based access to an GIS instructor.

Neither of these courses come with the Boundless GeoServer Certification though. You’ll need to enroll in the full Boundless Suite I course to get that.

And if you’d like to upgrade from these smaller GIS courses to the larger one, we offer that as well. Just contact us after your purchase and we’ll get you all set up.

This is just one of the ways that we want to provide better options for everyone to get up and running with Boundless Suite.

And for those who already are up and running and want to deepen their knowledge of Boundless Suite, stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing new and more extensive geospatial course options in the near future.

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