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How is Boundless Desktop GIS different from QGIS?

It is important to distinguish between the great work that the QGIS community does to make such a powerful application.

People ask us this a lot – and it is important to distinguish between Boundless Desktop GIS and the great work that the QGIS community does to make such a powerful application.


Boundless Desktop Team

The Boundless Desktop team is comprised of active members of the QGIS community, who contribute to the development and maintenance of the QGIS project. We consider the relationship with to be symbiotic: the project gives us our backbone, and we give back to the project in turn.


QGIS A Powerful Open Source Desktop GIS Application makes a powerful, open source Desktop GIS application which is the core of Boundless Desktop. QGIS is the starting point from which our company provides an infrastructure for support, maintenance, learning, add-ons, and services for open source GIS software that you’d expect from proprietary GIS packages.


Advantages Of Boundless Desktop Geospatial Software

Boundless Desktop Geospatial software is an application bundle of proven open software including QGIS, PgAdmin, Qt Designer & Python. It’s distributed through a single installer for Windows or Mac. This installer includes many common or dependent libraries for QGIS, including GDAL/OGR, GRASS, and SAGA.

In addition to the QGIS Official Plugin repository, it links to the Boundless Plugin repository. Among those plugins is Boundless Connect, which opens when you launch our distribution of QGIS for the first time. Connect is the hub for Boundless GIS products, tools, support and documentation, and offers an ability to connect with a global community of fellow geography professionals. In the future, you’ll access Boundless services through Connect too.

Finally, Boundless Geospatial software offers commercial support and maintenance for our Desktop installs, which go through rigorous testing prior to release. Support includes access to tutorial datasets, workshops and how-to videos, and access to learning resources.

Alison Drain

Desktop Product Manager

Alison is passionate about making GIS simpler and user-focused. Her roots are in using Desktop GIS and if she can make one person's life a little easier, she's done her job. And in her next life, she's playing more tennis.