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Boundless Desktop: Support Your Concurrent Operations With Open Source GIS

Boundless Desktop, powered by best-of-breed open source technologies, is a bundle of supported, professional GIS software for working with spatial data.


All Boundless software uses open source licenses, but unlike proprietary software, open software gives users the freedom to scale their number of users concurrently, and without penalty.

Much like LibreOffice is a bundle of Writer, Impress, Calc, and additional applications, Boundless Desktop is a bundle of mature open source GIS projects integrated and tested in a single install package. You don’t need a “user license”, (with named user accounts, or credits) just to use the tools — our software is open source and freely available for use. Access to additional plugins, premium content, including in-depth training videos, and support can also be purchased on a tiered monthly subscription service to ensure your success in an operational environment.


Boundless Desktop is available as a free download from our website and includes access to the Boundless Connect community, QGIS for professional GIS workflows, the QGIS Browser for cataloging and managing GIS data, pgAdmin for managing PostgreSQL databases, and Qt Designer for writing custom plugins. With the optional support subscription included in our Enterprise package, you’ll also have access to our technical support team, premium content and services, additional plug-ins, and robust training beyond what’s available with a base install.

If you’re unfamiliar with or intimidated by using open source, consider this: open source continues to gain popularity, because it has the same capabilities of proprietary tools, yet adds transparency and flexibility to the mix.


QGIS vs ArcGIS - Open Source GIS
QGIS Google searches are gaining versus ArcGIS searches since 2011


Source code is available for anyone to review or contribute to. More eyes reviewing code typically means fewer chances for bugs — and with a global community which includes many developers here at Boundless contributing to the code base, open communities move quickly on good ideas. In fact, our developers are often among the most active members of the steering committee, core committers and contributors for every open source project we support. We actively solicit feedback from the community and use it to help drive the future of the software.


Boundless supports concurrent users in our flexible, expansive support contracts. Naturally, you won’t have to worry about named user licenses expiring or running out, forecasting budgets to account for future potential users and usage credits, or tracking named user accounts.

Once they experience the Boundless difference, our customers become some of the biggest advocates for open source. The efficient, crowd-sourced, collaborative environment means that specific needs not already met are quickly addressed.

Boundless GitHub commits - QGIS, GeoServer, GeoNode, GeoGig, GeoTools, OpenLayers
Boundless contributions to open source GIS projects by GitHub commits.

The bottom line is simple:  If you’re tired of tracking user licenses, named users, or usage credits, but want the security that comes with a supported software bundle, try Boundless Desktop. It is as powerful and capable as proprietary GIS software, but with the flexibility and scalability only open source software can provide. Fully supported and cross-platform, it’s the best of both worlds.



Alison Drain

Product Manager

Alison Drain is a Product Manager at Boundless who's passionate about making GIS simpler and user-focused. With eight years experience with enterprise geospatial technologies, her product strategies have covered desktop, web, and mobile products.
A childhood love of the natural world led her from Earth Science degrees -- a BA from Washington University in Saint Louis and an MS from the University of Arizona -- to a career in GIS. She later earned an MBA from Washington University in Saint Louis and was eager to put those strategic skills to work as a Product Manager at Boundless.
Alison spends her free time at parks, playing tennis, and loving her family and dog. She's traveled the world and is happy to call Saint Louis home.