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Victoria LocationTech GIS Tour 2016

By: Morgan Thompson

Back for a second year, the 2016 Victoria LocationTech Tour featured two stops – an evening of talks held in conjunction with “Victoria GeoGeeks”, and a day of GIS workshops held in conjunction with the University of Victoria.

We would like to thank the LocationTech Tour sponsors for their support, including the single GIS event sponsors Vivid Solutions and the University of Victoria.

Victoria GeoGeeks Talks

The Evening of talks kicked off with a casual evening of talks at a the local “Swans” brewpub. It was our first time in this venue and we appreciated the cozy environment and better overhead projector (compared to last year). The talks were presented to a full room of GIS professionals, GIS developers, and geography students.

The night was a huge success and a big thanks goes out to all the speakers. Thank you to Boundless and Vivid Solutions for sponsoring the night.


GIS Workshops

State of GeoServer

The night started with an update on the current state of GeoServer by Jody Garnett, highlighting the many improvements available in GeoServer 2.10. Torben Barsballe followed this with a more in-depth look at the new and much improved GeoServer styling page.

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GIS Workshops

Vector Tiles Are Important For GIS Mapping

Dave Blasby presented an excellent explanation and demo of the GeoServer vector-tiles plugin. This talk provided a great introduction to why vector tiles are an important approach to client-side GIS mapping.


GIS Workshops

CartoDB Builder

After a short break, we were treated to a demonstration of the powerful, new CartoDB Builder by Paul Ramsey. This was an impressive demo showcasing some of the new BI tooling for cross-comparing columns with dynamic filter ranges.


GIS Workshops

State of GeoGig

Followed by an update on state of Geogig by Tyler Battle which included the current status  and direction of the GeoGig project.

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GIS Workshops

GeoNode Demo

Travis Brundage presented a demo of GeoNode in action. Including a demonstration of how extensible the platform is, along with a live debugging / deployment cycle.

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Fantasy Mapping

Kevin Smith closed the night with a fantastic presentation on fantasy mapping. His talk demonstrated the many useful tools in Inkscape that help create gorgeous fantasy maps.



GIS Workshops

University of Victoria GIS Workshops

The second day of the Victoria LocationTech tour was a full day of hands-on GIS workshops hosted by the University of Victoria’s Geography department. The Geography department provided space in their GIS labs to teach the GIS workshops.

After the GeoServer workshop we took a break for a lunch of assorted sandwiches, salad, and soup. Lunch was a great opportunity to talk to attendees about their work and use of the software. A big thank you to the UVic Geography department for providing the space, Degree’s Catering for the delicious lunch, and LocationTech for funding the lunch!


Introduction to GeoServer Workshop

The day started with an “Introduction to GeoServer” workshop taught by Torben Barsballe and myself.  The GeoServer workshop walked attendees through importing, styling, and publishing their first data layers. Everyone had the chance to try out the new GeoServer styling page presented the previous evening by Torben.

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GIS Workshops

Introduction to QGIS Workshop

The afternoon workshop was an “Introduction to QGIS” taught by Alex Goudine. The QGIS workshop taught students how to load, style, and modify data in QGIS.

We are really proud of Alex for teaching his first open source workshop. Alex attended last year’s event as a student, has been working in the victoria office as an intern, and was perhaps using this as an opportunity to impress the Boss (and his former classmates!)

GIS Workshops

Morgan Thompson

Software Engineer

Morgan is a Software Engineer with Boundless, based out of Victoria, Canada, and contributes to GeoServer, GeoTools, and GeoGig. He has been involved with a variety of Boundless projects including Suite, GeoGig, and various training initiatives. As part of training and education outreach programs, he has been involved in organizing workshops with the local university to introduce students to open-source projects such as QGIS and GeoServer. Outside of work he enjoys hiking, camping, and working on creative maps.