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Turning GIS into OpenGIS

Wow – can you believe it is already that time of the year when you *try* to take a moment to sit back and reflect!? But, who really has time for reflection? Better yet, let’s focus on the many breakthroughs and success stories in the geospatial industry right now that are propelling the science forward more rapidly than ever before. Integrating IoT data, mapping drone information, analyzing imagery from small sats – GIS is at the root of these technology trends, and we are only beginning to really understand how these new sources of information can help us make better decisions.

And through the Boundless lens – I am excited to see open source GIS becoming more mainstream in organizations and educational institutions around the globe. From cost savings to being able to scale to support massive amounts of information, open source GIS is breaking new ground each day. What a great time to be a part of this movement!


So what is going on over here at Boundless? What have we been up to lately? What’s new on the product horizon? These are just a few questions that our team has been fielding quite a bit lately. And my answer to those questions is “we have been very busy!” ­


What’s New!

Boundless DesktopBoundless Connect

We have just announced the launch of the Boundless Connect and Desktop product lines. If you currently have a proprietary desktop GIS tool you use in your work or your studies, I encourage you to look at Boundless Desktop. You will gain access to the install packages, plugins, documentation, tutorials, videos, and training to make your transition to open GIS smooth. It’s pretty awesome.


And better yet – if you are a student or educator – access to Boundless Desktop and Connect are free!


What’s Next?

This initial launch of Boundless Connect is only the beginning. You will soon be able to access and discover free and premium geospatial content (e.g. basemaps, geocoding, routing) through your Connect subscription. No messy credit models to manage – we bring the data to you all via your Boundless subscription. Pretty nifty, eh?

And more – you will be able to build apps on top of the Boundless platform using our powerful Web SDK. Wire your apps up to your Connect content and services subscription, and you are quickly able to visualize and analyze your geospatial content on a scalable, license free platform.

Mobile – we have built many great libraries for connected and disconnected operations which are already available for users on Github. Quickly and easily setup forms for collection, push data to your open GIS enterprise, work out in the field disconnect, and synchronize your data in a versioned editing environment. All of those features and more will be available next year when we release our mobile capabilities in Exchange and Suite. Stay tuned – it’s cool tech!


Thank You!

What I do want to reflect on are all the organizations who have decided to adopt open source GIS…through the community or Boundless. You are the change agents the GIS industry needs. You are the groups who are breaking the mold of traditional, expensive, and (in some instances) outdated GIS software. You are the ones changing the GIS technology landscape forever. You are the organizations that will push the science, without having to push your budgets to afford GIS. Thank you…sincerely, thank you…. We would not be here without you taking the leap. And know that you have blazed the trail for many more behind you.

The road ahead in 2017 will be great – for GIS, and more importantly open source GIS. Last year we challenged you to #thinkopen. This year, let’s transform GIS to OpenGIS!




Andy Dearing

Andy Dearing


Andy is the CEO of Boundless and previously held the role of the Vice President of Professional Services. A commercial pilot and self-taught geographer, Andy has been working with GIS for nearly 15 years. He can often be found working from one of our many locales, or representing the Boundless brand at a number of industry events and philanthropic endeavors throughout the year. Andy resides in Missouri with his wife and four kids, where he enjoys hiking, fishing, and woodworking -- when is he is not out camping with his son’s Boy Scout troop.

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