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Boundless Celebrates GIS Day 2016 Across North America

The whole team at Boundless had a great opportunity to participate in Geography Awareness Week, and in particular GIS Day 2016. Boundless employees visited colleges and universities around North America, sharing their passion for GIS, and celebrating all the great innovations the next generation of GIS students are developing today. Many of the schools that Boundless visited include… Northeastern University, Washington University, Duke University, George Mason University, and the University of Victoria.

GIS Day 2016

The Boundless crew in Victoria BC got an early start on GISDay2016 hosting workshops at the University of Victoria prior to the big day. The crew was also on hand for PostGIS Day (November 17th) to celebrate a cornerstone of Boundless Suite with the local “geogeek” meetup. 

Below are some recaps and photos from GIS Day 2016. Enjoy!

GIS Day 2016

Northeastern University Celebrates Innovation at GIS Day 2016

By: Red Curry

I’d like to start by thanking our host Bahare Sanaie-Movahed, and Northeastern University for inviting Boundless to celebrate GIS Day 2016 with them. As the inaugural year for GIS Day at Northeastern, this was nothing short of amazing. I was immediately exposed to the talent, passion and dedication of the guests, student’s and faculty, as it pertained to the GIS industry. There were visitors from all over New England, and even from as far away as Florida.

The event started with a tremendous keynote by Patrick Florence, Associate Director of Geospatial Technology Services at Tufts University, and Adjunct Lecturer at The Fletcher School and at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Patrick’s presentation touched on the history and the advancements we’re making in GIS today. Acknowledging the growth of both proprietary and open source solutions.  We certainly have come a long way. Patrick also presented some of the great work his students are currently winning awards for. The creativity and insightfulness was amazing.

As GIS Day 2016 moved along, there were excellent presentations, by students in the Northeastern’s Doctoral and Masters programs. Much of the student work showed a dedication to understanding and building a better world for all using GIS technology. It was truly refreshing to see what drives a young generation of GIS students and professionals, as they dig deeper into the map, using massive amounts of data to present actionable intelligence. Congrats to all of you who presented. Great work!

We closed the celebration with a grand tour of Northeastern’s Snell Library and a reception accompanied by food, drinks, and great conversations on advancements in the GIS industry. During the reception, I had a chance to really connect, and share all the innovative solutions that Boundless is currently working on in an open source GIS world.  It was clear to me that there is nothing but an exciting and bright future for the GIS industry. I can’t wait to visit Northeastern again at GIS Day 2017.

GIS Day 2016

Full Day of Events for GIS Day 2016 at Washington University

By: Dustin Turpin

For GIS day boundless attended events at Washington University. The entire day was filled with events starting with breakfast and a meet and greet. We got to talk to students who are discovering GIS Software for the first time, and educators that use it on a regular basis. We got to take a tour of their facility and GIS lab that features 3D printers, a Kinect-powered projection mapping box, and more cutting edge tech. I learned about the joy that educators get seeing the lightbulb go off in their students when they see their data visualized for the first time. I got to see this first hand when assisting a student in QGIS.

After the meet and greet and coffee, we had a “Georef-A-Thon” that we georeferenced scanned maps from the late 1800s. This was both a fulfilling and challenging task that we all worked together finding old streets to match. The website utilized two OpenLayers boxes. The custom website site is a magnificent example of open source at work. After georeferencing, there were 10 lightning presentations. Students and educators discussed their use of GIS in their projects. Discussions included projects using web maps, field notes, and using satellite imagery. Discussions also included even more abstract GIS applications such as fundraising and historic literature.

After the lightning presentations, we had time to discuss with the students and educations more about their impressive presentations. Many thanks to Washington University for hosting GIS day events on their campus.


GIS Day 2016

Full House For GIS Day 2016 At George Mason University

By: Joseph Miller

GIS Day 2016 at George Mason was very successful.  We met with undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and even a high school student to discuss what open source means for the geospatial community and for their studies.  In particular, there was a lot of interest in Boundless Desktop and the opportunity to have supported GIS tools available to them off campus.  There was also a lot of discussion about ways in which students could contribute to open source development, testing and documentation efforts as a way to simultaneously give back and build up their professional portfolios.


GIS Day 2016

Lots of Interest In Open Source GIS At Duke University

By: Steven Stout

The Student Association for Geospatial Analysis (SAGA) coordinated and hosted GIS Day events at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University in Durham, NC on Friday, November 18, 2016.

Several events during the day were planned, including several lightning talks from current and previous students.
I gave a 30-minute presentation on “The State of Open-Source GIS”, which was very well-received, and prompted several discussions afterward, even being referenced in Dr. Patrick Halpin’s Lightning Talk on “The Future of the Geospatial Curricula at the Nicholas School”.
Students are very interested in learning more about and using Open-Source GIS in their studies and carrying that into their careers after graduation.