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Boundless Releases QGIS 2.14.1 Open Source

The Boundless distribution of QGIS 2.14.1 is out the door! We are excited to share with you our latest offering, built upon the premier open-source desktop GIS technology from the QGIS project. The Boundless release is available here and is a major update that includes many new features, such as:

  • Windows version built for 64-bit CPU architecture
  • GRASS is updated to v7.0.3
  • GDAL/OGR is updated to v2.0.2, with LibKML (.kmz) and OpenJPEG2 (JPEG2000)

The central element of our installation is the Boundless Connect plugin, which acts as a single entry point to Boundless QGIS technology and content. Boundless QGIS includes all the core plugins of a standard QGIS installation, plus the Connect plugin. This provides access to Connect content, which currently includes Boundless-supported plugins. We will continue to add more content for customizing your QGIS interface and for training and support.

The commercially supported Boundless plugins available with Boundless QGIS are:

Web App Builder (beta): Easily create powerful web apps directly from QGIS


MGRS Tools: Quickly display and work with MGRS coordinates in QGIS


What3words Tools: Convert normal addresses to intuitive 3 word addresses in QGIS


OpenGeo Explorer: Maintenance update for current plugin. Note: this plugin is now classified as deprecated (no longer under development) and users are encouraged to migrate to the new GeoServer Explorer plugin and to use the QGIS core DB Manager for PostGIS database functionality.

Boundless QGIS 2.14 LTR represents another step in our ongoing commitment to advance the development and adoption of QGIS. As we evolve our offerings, you will see more improvements and announcements from Boundless in the upcoming months.

Updates included in this release since the latest Boundless distribution of QGIS 2.8 LTR are listed in the 2.14, 2.12 and 2.10 change logs.

Alison Drain

Desktop Product Manager

Alison is passionate about making GIS simpler and user-focused. Her roots are in using Desktop GIS and if she can make one person's life a little easier, she's done her job. And in her next life, she's playing more tennis.