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Updated GeoServer OpenGeo Training and Certification

It has often been said that it’s easier to build something from scratch than it is to maintain it. New things have a shine to them. They allow for nice press releases with the team pointing and say “look at this thing we just built!“.

Maintenance isn’t nearly as exciting. And yet, it’s maintenance that allows products and services to be refined and improved. Who ever saw software at version 1.0 that was better than 2.0? Not me.

All this is a rather long way of announcing that we have just released a thoroughly updated and improved version of our online GeoServer course.

And you can sign up right now!

A little background

We first released our online GeoServer training course in 2014. While we’ve offered GeoServer courses at conferences and workshops for many years, and even posted our workshop online available for free (licensed as Creative Commons), we recognized that there was a need for a much more comprehensive introduction to GeoServer and its concepts, administration, and applications.

So we created a course that, when taught in a classroom, typically takes nearly 4 days – so it’s a substantial commitment.

Now, while we offer this course in a classroom, you don’t need to come to us (or have us come to you) to get an immersive GeoServer experience. All you need to do is sign on to our online training platform and get started.

What you get

This course includes seven modules:

  • Spatial Basics
  • Spatial Web Services
  • Data Publishing
  • Administration
  • Data Management
  • GeoWebCache
  • Deployment

Each module, while comprehensive in scope, contains extra content for those who are familiar with the material. No matter where you are in your GeoServer journey, you will learn many new things in this course.

Also included are dozens of videos, exercises, and challenges to really get yourself tuned up on GeoServer. We fully believe that this is the best GeoServer course in the world.

But we know what you are really interested in and will be of greatest benefit –  Enrollment in this course also gives you access to our GeoServer Certification for FREE! Being certified in GeoServer will show your colleagues and clients that you are thoroughly vetted to be an administrator of GeoServer. Do you think that would help you in your next project? We thought so, and we’ve structured the program to make sure it does.

Boundless and education

I’m happy that we at Boundless are investing in education, as I feel that the more people who know how to use our software, the easier it is to see how we are the best solution for applications, mapping, and spatial infrastructure on the web.

Sign up for GeoServer training and certification today!