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Announcing the New GeoServer QGIS Plugin

We have supported the OpenGeo Suite plugin for QGIS since 2013 so users could have a tool to manage Suite elements (GeoServer, GeoWebCache, PostGIS) from the QGIS interface. Since QGIS is now a fundamental part of Suite along with Boundless’ increasing support of the QGIS project, we have decided to take a new approach and replace the Suite plugin: our new GeoServer plugin, now available in the QGIS plugin repo.

GeoServer QGIS Plugin
The GeoServer plugin inherits all the GeoServer functionality of the Suite plugin, with some enhancements including a more robust and cleaner internal design as well as some small UI changes.

There are many reasons why we think this a good change, but the main ones are:

  • Better definition as a community project. The scope of the Suite plugin was too large, and while we attracted users it did not capture enough attention from developers. By focusing on GeoServer, we hope to create a community of users and developers. We’re fortunate the GeoServer community is a very healthy and active one, with many members showing interest for a tool, so we believe this community of devs and users will build quickly.
    While the Suite plugin was released through our own plugins server, the GeoServer plugin is also available through the official QGIS plugin server. The source code is available at the corresponding repository, and we are accepting Pull Requests and code enhancements. A mailing list is also available to discuss everything related to the plugin. The GeoServer plugin is a truly open and community project.
  • Avoiding redundancy. QGIS already has a great tool for managing databases (not just PostGIS, but also Oracle and Spatialite): the DB manager. Now that we do not have to maintain the PostGIS functionality of the Suite plugin, we plan to actively contribute to the DB manager (which is a core part of QGIS). There is some functionality implemented in the new Suite plugin that is not yet available in the DB manager – we plan to implement it soon and will be doing the same with other requests from customers and users.

For more details about the plugin, please review the user guide.

We will keep the legacy Suite plugin in the server for a while, but no new versions are expected to be released. We recommend using the GeoServer plugin and the DB manager instead. Let us know if you have any comments or questions about this.