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GeoNode OpenGeo Fall Code Sprint with Boundless

Boundless is hosting a GeoNode Code Sprint at the Landing Zone in New Orleans, LA, USA from November 17th to 20th in conjunction with ITHACA who will be hosting in Turin, Italy. Both locations will engage with each other on a daily basis as discussions will be organized around triaging tickets, documentation, and more.

The sprint will begin on Tuesday 17 November at 9:00AM with GeoNode project presentations. The agenda will swing into action for the remainder of the week with work on specific projects, modules, bug fixing, and website enhancements focused towards finalizing the 2.4 release.

The sprint will conclude on Friday with an open discussion focused on GeoNode Improvement Proposals (GNIP) and tickets that have to be addressed prior to the next release. GeoNode users are invited to join the discussion to provide feedback on existing features as well as share ideas on new features.

You may register by adding your name in the list of participants.

Here is a tentative Agenda:

  • Tuesday
    • Morning: developers’ project presentations, round table and discussion.
    • Afternoon: joint round table and discussion, ticket triaging.
  • Wednesday
    • Morning: bug fixing and documentation.
    • Afternoon: wrap up documentation, website and fixing
  • Thursday
    • Morning: bug fixing and packages release.
    • Afternoon: GeoNode 2.4 release
  • Friday
    • GeoNode users’ presentations, open discussion on next release.

We look forward to meeting you in New Orleans. Thank you to the sponsors and fellow organizers for making this event possible.

Clarence Davis

Clarence Davis

Exchange Technical Manager

Clarence is our Exchange Technical Manager and has over 10 years of experience designing and building software systems for the defense, finance, hospitality, and economic development industries.  Prior to joining Boundless, Clarence led SOA adoption and governance initiatives, and has been a speaker at Mil-OSS, Oceans, and C4ISR conferences where he spoke on topics ranging from Enterprise Identity Orchestration to Spatial Contextual Awareness. More recently Clarence led the design and implementation of a commercially available web application built on Geoserver and Openlayers which aggregates data from a dozen sources within the federal government to support site selection decisions within the US.

Clarence graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BS in Management Information Systems. Clarence believes in giving back to the community and is an active member of a local community organization focused on youth outreach. When Clarence isn't working, he and his wife enjoy “being a tourist in your own city” and attending performing arts events.