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GeoGig Platform Contributed to LocationTech Group


We’re proud to announce that GeoGig is approaching its first major release and we’re contributing the project to the LocationTech working group at the Eclipse Foundation.

For those not familiar with the project, GeoGig is an open source tool that draws inspiration from Git (hence why it was previously called GeoGit) but adapts its core concepts to handle distributed versioning of spatial data. With GeoGig, users are able to import spatial data into a repository where every change to the data is tracked. These changes can be viewed in a history, reverted to older versions, branched in to sandboxed areas, merged back in, and pushed to remote repositories.

Learn more about GeoGig and how to use it with these posts and videos:

As one of the founding members of the LocationTech initiative,  we’ve given several talks at LocationTech events and look forward to continuing to participate in the LocationTech Tour. Join us at the events in New York on December 9th and Washington DC on December 11th.