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Improved Mapmeter Integration With OpenGeo Suite 4.1

[UPDATED 12/1/15: As of December 1, 2015, we have discontinued MapMeter. If you’re interested in additional monitoring capabilities for your OpenGeo Suite environment, we encourage you to review our integration with Amazon CloudWatch.]

Mapmeter helps developers, system administrators, and managers better understand and use their geospatial deployments. Included exclusively with supported OpenGeo Suite instances, Mapmeter helps reduce costs, optimize applications during development, diagnose critical issues, and make decisions about production deployments.

OpenGeo Suite 4.1 makes getting started easier than ever. A single click is all that is needed to begin a free two week trial of monitoring your OpenGeo Suite instance. A chart on the GeoServer administration interface will show the daily total number of requests, offering a bird’s eye view of the usage of your instance. Behind the scenes, the trial will create an anonymous Mapmeter user account and configure the GeoServer instance with a new API key.

Installation Instructions

First, install the Mapmeter extension. The specific steps will depend on your particular environment, but packages exist for all supported operating systems. Then navigate to the Mapmeter menu item in the GeoServer administration interface to access the monitoring extensions.

Finally, click on the “Activate Mapmeter Trial” button.

That’s it! Your GeoServer instance is now being monitored.

Next Steps

Once the free trial has been activated, your account will be anonymous and you won’t have access to login and view more details in the Mapmeter web application. You’ll want to choose a username and password to access the richer analytics provided by the web application.

Existing Account

Already have a Mapmeter account? Great! All you need to do is set the API key in the GeoServer administration interface. The instance will then start being monitored. If you configure a username and password, the Mapmeter chart will start appearing on the GeoServer home page as well.


All Mapmeter configuration will be stored in <data-dir>/monitoring/ Fresh installations need only have this file configured properly on startup. Additionally, there is a new REST API that allows dynamic configuration of the GeoServer instance. Enterprise customers can contact our support desk for more information.

It’s never been easier to get started with Mapmeter! For more information about Mapmeter, please visit: