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Open Source PlowNYC Built With GeoServer

NYC DoITTAre you in NYC and wondering when a plow is coming to clear that foot of snow from your street? Find out which streets are plowed with New York City’s PlowNYC application.

PlowNYC is powered by OpenGeo Suite and was built by New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT), long time Boundless customers. It takes live feeds from NYC’s fleet of plows, trucks, and salting equipment to bring New York City residents the largest, real-time snow application in the world. The task is no small feat and has improved considerably thanks to citizen feedback.


It is one example of the large scale and agile approach available when working with Boundless technologies. In addition to PlowNYC, DoITT has developed a number of applications using OpenGeo Suite including: a street closure application, the NY City Map, a street conditions map, and a 311 map, among others.

So if you’re in NYC on a snowy day, check your street on PlowNYC: