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OpenGeo Suite 4.0 Released

Boundless is proud to announce the release of OpenGeo Suite 4.0. This version reflects deep changes that have occurred in the platform, while still supporting the functionality that our customers rely on. This release brings many new features and improvements, including the following component upgrades: PostGIS 2.1, GeoServer 2.4, GeoWebCache 1.5, support for OpenLayers 3 and the inclusion of the OpenGeo Suite QGIS plugin.

What’s inside OpenGeo Suite 4.0: 

  • Completely new packages. Our completely rewritten installers and brand new packages provide a better out-of-the-box experience. Whether evaluating the software, developing applications, or deploying a production system, our packages are designed to help you deploy and manage our software more effectively.
  • Scalability and Clustering. Whether you need high availability or better scaling under load, we now offer a clustering extension for GeoServer. This allows for configuration inside a shared database, as well as automatic synchronization among multiple instances.
  • Improved interoperability with Google. In addition to existing features for Google Maps and Google Earth, such as KML super-overlays, the KML support in GeoServer has been completely rewritten. For example, point symbolizers are now enhanced to allow features KML by itself normally wouldn’t support, such as stacked symbols.
  • Improved support for 3D and LIDAR point clouds. PostGIS can now natively store LIDAR data and perform filters spatially or by attribute. GeoServer and GeoWebCache can better configure and filter across multiple dimensions, including time and elevation. With these updates, we continue to improve support for multidimensional data.
  • Catalog support with CSW. In addition to the many OGC standards already supported by OpenGeo Suite, we now ship GeoServer with an extension to support Catalog Service for Web (CSW), providing support for Dublin Core and the ISO Metadata Application Profile.
  • Monitor your deployments with Mapmeter. Mapmeter, our management and analytics tool for monitoring geospatial services, is easier than ever to integrate with your deployment. Mapmeter is free for OpenGeo Suite customers at the Platform and Strategic levels. If you’re not an OpenGeo Suite customer Mapmeter is available for you at an affordable monthly rate, with three plans to cover different deployment needs. To sign up for Mapmeter, visit,  create an account and start monitoring your geospatial deployments today!
  • Early Access: OpenLayers 3 and QGIS! OpenLayers 3 and the QGIS plugin for OpenGeo Suite are still under development, but we we want to support our customers as we take their applications and workflows to the next level.
    • OpenLayers 3 is a complete rewrite of OpenLayers. It simplifies the developer experience and takes advantage of modern JavaScript environments to offer a high-performance and fully-featured web mapping library. If you haven’t looked at OpenLayers recently, look again!
    • Our new plugin for QGIS allows for seamless management and publishing of geographic information from this popular desktop tool to OpenGeo Suite — connect to PostGIS, GeoServer, and GeoWebCache right from your familiar desktop environment to manage your geospatial deployments.

Try it!

The OpenGeo Suite is free to use and will not expire. Download the 4.0 release to see for yourself. Today’s release includes packages for Linux (Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu), Mac OS X, and application servers only.

As always, we strongly advise you to read the upgrade instructions and back up your data beforehand to prevent data loss.